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Tales Of Berseria Code Red Hunts Guide

Tales Of Berseria Code Red Hunts Guide
The world of the Tales Of Berseria is overrun with unique and powerful daemons that the local authorities have labeled as Code Red Daemons. This Tales Of Berseria Code Red Hunts Guide covers every element of hunting these rare and powerful Code Red Daemons including information on where to find each enemy, rewards, level requirements and more.

Code Red Hunts unlock once you have progressed far enough through the story. You will hear it mentioned a couple of times but you’re not actually able to participate in any Code Red Hunts until you meet the Bloodwing Agent outside the gates of town. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it, so keep progressing through the story until you speak with them.

Once you’ve been introduced to the Bloodwing Agent you will then notice a new NPC appear in many towns and villages. It is marked by a white wolf head icon. Head to these locations to speak with the Bloodwing Agent in that town to get more information on Code Red Hunts.

Tales Of Berseria Code Red Hunts Guide

Shrieking Demonic Bat
Creeping Viper
Rampaging Axe-Wielding Ape
Corrupted Orb
Overzealous Spider
Wing Harbinger Of Death
The Coming Tendrils
Life-Coveting Fairy
Mobile Man-Eating Plant
Frenzied Wolf
Flesh-Rending Star
Queen Of The Seas
Rainbow Roc
Serial Killer Tree
Moon-Baying Wolf
Noxious Creep
Consumer Of Caravans
Untarnished Silver Corpse
Beast Of Blades
Eater Of Gold
Wanton Devil
Blood-Spraying Crystal
Deadly Mountain

There are a couple of hunts that I missed but even after completing the game, there are certain areas you can’t return to – or at least I can’t figure out how to get there. Will update if I find a way to polish the last few off.

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