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Tales Of Xillia Guide: Aladhi Seahaven Side Quest Guide

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Aladhai Seahaven is the first place you can get some side quests in Tales Of Xillia. They are pretty basic at the moment but you still don’t want to skip them. This guide will help you get them done as you play! So let’s get started.

Tales of Xillia Aladhi Seahaven Side Quest Guide

Aladhi Seahaven Side Quest Guide

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Monsters West of Aladhi Seahaven – This is actually a story quest but it introduces the side quests. You will see a woman with a ! over her head near a pillar near where you first enter the area. Talk to her and she will ask you to take care of some monsters to the west near a lake. Exit it the town and head west, if you find the downed tree you are going the wrong way. Head into the next area and follow the path to find the lake and the monsters. Return to town after you kill them for a reward.

The Monster Lies – The woman on the pillar will have a second quest for you after you meet back up with Alvin. She will want you to head back to the lake and help someone out by killing the monsters. Exit the town and head west to the lake again to fight some more monsters. They are a tad stronger than the last bunch so you should try to level up before facing them. Once you kill them head back to town for your reward.

The Legendary Flavor – Talk to the chef at the bottom of the steps near the exit of the Seahaven. He will request some Soda Rice to taste so he can learn how to make it. Head into the Inn and talk to the food vendor and buy the rice. Return to the chef and hand it over to some extra gald and an item.

Fruit Seller – If you head left from the Inn you can speak with the fruit vendor and he will ask you to collect him a porange. This one cannot be completed until you get your fourth party member. Head to the Hamil West District and go inside the house and down the stairs. In that area you can find the porange next to the bed.

That will end the Tales of Xillia Aladhi Seahaven Side Quest Guide, I will check the town again from time to time to see if anymore unlock.

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