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Tales Of Xillia Guide: Lakutam Seahaven Side Quest Guide

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Another Seahaven and another Side Quest hub. This is actually a pretty small area but it has a fair amount of stuff to do. This guide will help you get it done as you go through the game. Let’s get started.

Tales Of Xillia Lakutam Seahaven Side Quest Guide

Lakutam Seahaven Side Quest Guide

Shh No Tears

Milla’s Pendant – Once you arrive in the seaport head to the left towards the man with the quest icon over his head. This will trigger a cut scene about the necklace Milla gave Jude. It will progress later in the game.

Sisterhood – If you go to the right once you enter the seaport you will see two girls with quest markers over their heads. Walking up to them will trigger a cut scene about two sisters fighting. This quest will be continued later.

The Edge of the World – After the cut scene about Milla’s pendant you can go back and activate another cut scene. This one goes over the edge of the world and how little of it has been explored. This will be hit on later in the game.

Buried Treasure – Talk to the quest giver near the shops and he will ask you to drop off a vase back in Sharilton. He claims it is one of the Efreet painted vases. Once you get out of the Seahaven just fast travel to Sharilton. Head to the Market of Sharilton and talk to the man who tried to sell a fake Efreet teacup earlier. He will reward you after you talk to him.

The Topknot Master – Talk to the man near where you had the two cut scenes and he will tell you he is a topknot master. He will want you to go find him a good topknot. Once you make it through Xian Du and into the Royal Hunting Grounds you can find the quest item. If you head north and east you will come across a ledge you can climb. Climb the ledge and check the tree for one of those purple cube treasures. The treasure is the quest item.

The Spirit Clime Trouble – Head to the Inn and talk to the quest giver there. She we will want you to go kill some monsters on the Lakutam Highroad. Head to the Highroad and go to the Central Region to complete this quest. They are in the south part of the region near what looks like some muddy water. Kill them and report back to town to complete the quest.

That will end the Tales Of Xillia Lakutam Seahaven Side Quest Guide, check back soon for more guides.

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