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Tales Of Xillia Guide: Sapstrath Seahaven Side Quest Guide

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From one Seahaven to another, Sapstrath Seahaven is the next are you can do some side quests in. YOu will get the usual assortment of tasks here as well, monsster hunting and delivery. This guide will help you do them as you go. Let’s get started

Tales Of Xillia Sapstrath Seahaven Side Quest Guide

Sapstrath Seahaven Side Quest Guide

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Those Who Act In Shadow – If you stay at the Inn you will meet up with a person named Katte who is being attacked by some guys. Alvin and Jude scare them off and Alvin suspects she was a spy from around these parts. After you complete the cut scene the quest simply says to be continued.

Anticipated Reunion – If you head to the left of where you get off the ships at you will see a sailor with a ! over his head. Talk to him and he will tell you he’s seen some toys just like Teepo before. He tells you to go west and look for the guy who was selling them. Speaking to a little girl in the Sharilton Market will reveal he has gone to the Aladhi Seahaven. Travel there and next to all the marchant stands you can complete the quest.

Special Delivery To The Inn – Talk to the sailor to the right of where you got off the boat at. He will ask you drop a package at the inn in Sharilton. This is where you will want to go next so as they say, two birds one stone. Once you arrive in the town go into the inn and speak with the person with a ! over their head.

The Femme Fatale – Head to the inn and go to the left to find a woman with a quest near some large crates. She will ask you to find a poison stinger and to not ask why she needs it. I found some in a bag one the floor in the Sapstrath Deepwoods. I do not know if it drops off a monster or not.

The Amazing Bounty Hunter – Talk to the guard near the exit for a monster hunting quest. The monsters are located in the Sapstrarth Deepwood North Region. This is the path you have to take due to the other path being blocked. Once you are in the Deepwood you will climb up some vines right after Elize shoes off her skills. Once you are at the top crawl through the little hold and take the exit on the other side. In that area you will find the monsters.

That will end the Tales Of Xillia Sapstrath Seahaven Side Quest Guide, I will return to town later to check for more quests.

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