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Tales Of Xillia Guide: Sharilton Side Quest Guide

Tales Of Xillia Guide

Sharilton is the fourth town you will come to that you can complete side quests at. This town is actually pretty big but some of the side quests are locked until later in the story. This guide will help you find them all. Let’s get started.

Tales of Xillia Sharilton Side Quest Guide

Sharilton Side Quest Guide


Citizens concerned about the war – If you go to the Talys Highroad gate you will see three people with quest icons over their heads. Walk up to them and they will talk about a possible war and how much trouble the guards have been.

Jet Black Feathers – In the Sharilton Market you can find a man with a ! over his head and when you approach him it will say Jet Black Feather Trading Post. Once you talk to him he will ask you to trade feathers for various items he has to offer. The feathers can be found all over the world in bags or at shiny spots.

The Sad Salesman – Talk to the merchant at the start of Sharilton Central Plaza for this quest. Wouldn’t be a new hub without someone asking us to kill monsters. Leave the town via the Sapstrath Highroad gate and climb up the vine on the ledge to the north of the gate. Head to the next area and follow the path inside all the way to the end. Jump up the ledge and at the top you will find the enemies he wants you to kill. Kill them and return to town for your reward.

The Shape of Our World – Go towards the inn in Sharilton and near the overlook you will see a guy with a quest icon. Talk to him and he will ask you to go to the top of the gorge again and use a certain arte. Climb back up and return to the quest giver to get a reward.

The Runaways – Talk to the kid next to the merchant you just spoke to to start up this quest. He will run after the cut scene is over.

Pretty and Pink – Talk to the girls outside of the Lord’s Manor and they will start you on a chain quest to find them pink items. The first item they want you to give to them is a peachberry blossom. I found my blossom in a sparkling spot in the Bermia Gorge. If you don’t get it there on your first try leave the area and enter again. After you turn that in they will ask for a Peach Elephant Tusk, which is later in the game.

That will end the Tales of Xillia Sharilton Side Quest Guide, I will check the town again later to see if more quests unlock.

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