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Tales Of Xillia Guide: Xian Du Side Quest Guide

Tales Of Xillia Guide

Xian Du is a mountain city with a Coliseum and plenty of side events you will want to do. You will also run into Alvin’s mom here and a side event for him. This guide will help you do the side quests while you go through the area. Let’s get started.

Tales Of Xillia Xian Du Side Quest Guide

Xian Du Side Quest Guide


The History of Auj Oule – When you enter Xian Du head straight to the big statue you can see in the distance. Once you get there talk to the woman beneath the statue to start-up this quest chain. She will give you a brief history lesson on the Coliseum.

Mother and Child – After you get through the Hunting Grounds this quest will open up. Head to the second door to the south of the Royal Hunting Grounds gate. Enter the residence on the second floor to trigger a scene with Alvin and his mother. This quest chain is done later.

The Cause of Shifting Spirit Climes – Head to the boat that takes you to the coliseum and take the door up to the second floor. Talk to the person up there about the Spirit Climes and you will get this quest. It will be completed later in the game.

Punish the Poachers – Go to the Royal hunting Grounds gate and right by the gate you can get this quest. This is your typical go out and kill the enemies side quest. Head to the Royal Hunting Grounds and go to the area that connects to the Labari Hallow. Once you get there in the middle there is an area you can climb up to via some vines. Climb the vines and the poachers are up top, kill them and return to town for your reward.

The Wandering Youth – Go south from the Royal Hunting Grounds gate and head towards the boat down near the river. On the way there a woman will ask you to find a man in the Floodmeadow. You will have to take the boat to get there and it is a higher level area so save before going. Once you make it to the Xagut Floodmeadow head to the where you would head to the next area and the guy will be sitting there. Talk to him and he will give you a reward and go home.

Potent Potions of the Katarl Clan – Head to the Coliseum after you do the tournament. Once you get there talk to the guy at the bottom of the steps and he will ask for a mysterious bead. This can be found in chests or the shiny spots in the Royal Hunting Grounds. Bring it back to him and give it to him for a reward.

That will end the Tales Of Xillia Xian Du Side Quest Guide, check back soon for more updates!

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