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Tales Of Zestiria Guide: Igraine Shrine Guide

Tales Of Zestiria Guide: Igraine Shrine Torch Puzzle Guide
Igraine is the first shrine trail you will go through in Tales Of Zestiria. Overall it isn’t very big but there are five torch puzzles you will have to figure out in order to beat it. This guide will help you figure out the Torch puzzle in Tales Of Zestiria.

Tales Of Zestiria Igraine Shrine Torch Puzzle Guide

You can light the torches with up on the D pad, not sure on PC but whatever button uses the fire.

When you first enter the Shrine you can go left or right. For the purposes of this guide, go right on the top floor and you will run into 2 torches that need to be lit. This one is pretty easy so you might of figure it out on your own by trail and error. Do the one furthest from the locked door and then the one closest to the locked door.

Go through the door and follow the hallway down to the end to find three more torches. If you look at the base of each torch you can see them numbered with lines. This is the order that you need to do them in to unlock the door. Before you go in the door there are two chests near where you came in at. Go in the locked door and light the torch to raise the lava up a bit.

Now go back until you run into the stairs and take them down. There will be four more torches at the bottom of the stairs. Again, use the numbers at the bottom to get the right pattern. This will open the door to the lava room, we will come back to this after we raise the lava again.

Go through the other door and go up to the dead end for two more chests. Once you have the chests go all the way down until you reach the next set of stairs and take them up. There will be a set of two torches you can use to unlock the door near the entrance, follow the pattern on the bottom again. There is a chest on the opposite side of the torches.

Take the door that doesn’t have the torches and follow that through to another set of torches and two chests. These torches actually threw me off for a couple minutes. If you look at the base of these torches they only have one number on them instead of numbers going in every direction. Here you have to actually use your fire on the number to get it to stick. So if the 1 line is pointing of to the right side, go onto the right side and use your fire. Once you do all four the door will open and you can raise the lava again, there is also some Orange ore to the right that counts as a discovery point.

Now that the lava is raised you can go back down the stairs and access the boss area. Go back down the stairs to gain access to the lava room. If you go all the way back north, to the first set of stairs you took down, you can go into the lava room at a different point and gain two chests. The south entrance to the lava room is how you get to the boss. Dash over the platforms to the center and activate the torches. These also only have one number at the bottom so go on top of the number and use the fire. Before you enter the boss room, dash over to the other room and get two more chests.

The boss is kinda of tricky at first because you lose your Seraphim during the start of the battle. Use a snack before the fight if you have one to give you a bit of an edge. There are four black obelisks on the battle field in each direction, you need to run to them during the battle to regain control of the Seraphim. Once you do that the real battle starts and you can take him on. I actually died my first time because I wasn’t ready and it have me Lailah instead of Mikleo, so dying helped me out because I could switch to the Water transformation. The fight is pretty basic once it starts, keep your distance as the Archer and let rose do her thing while she is transformed. Rose might die but you can keep reviving her with the Seraphim. Arrow Squall was the best art to use for this battle, it really added up quickly and would interrupt his moves from time to time.

After you beat him you will gain a Hidden Arte with Lailah armatized and get a cut scene. Now you can move on with the game.

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