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Tales Of Xillia 2 Guide: Companion Quests Guide

Tales Of Xillia 2 Companion Quests Guide

In Tales Of Xillia 2 you will be given quests from your companions that will help you learn their stories better. These quests become unlocked as you progress through the game. Use this guide to find all of them and beat them with no trouble at all!


Idealism And Reality: After you are able to travel to the Aladhi Seahaven this quest opens up outside of your apartment. Talk to Jude and tell him you will help him then head to the Helioborg Lab. take the elevator to the top floor then enter the lab. Pick “Is everything okay?” to increase the relationship with Jude. After that pick “You worry about other people to much.” and “Yeah. You need to move at your own pace.” to increase it further. This also unlocked a different color for Jude’s normal outfit.


Leia’s Mission: After you can travel to the Aladhi Seahaven talk to Leia near in Trigleph to start her quest. Basically all you have to do is turn in an item to the station. After you turn in the package choose the opposite of “Do you think he was trying to be a jerk?”, no bonus for the other option. After you return to the editor choose “So he knew about the station attendant?” then the chapter will be complete.


Tales Of Xillia 2 Alvin The Salesman

Alvin The Salesman : After you learn how to transform an Alvin mission will open up in Duval. Talk to Alvin and tell him you will help him out. Go to Alvin and then pick the right fruit to get a relationship bonus. After that you will have to fight Ivar so bring a healer because he hits hard. After the fight pick “It would bug you if you didn’t have integrity.” for another bonus.


Elize’s Friend: Talk to Elize in Hamil and choose to help her find the doll. Pick “Elle feels the same way about you.” for a relationship bonus. You do not have to find the Bunnykin right now.

I am updating this as I go along so check back soon for more quests!

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