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The Cave Guide – The Knight’s Quest Guide


The Cave, a game made by Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions is a 2D side scrolling puzzle quagmire. We will document our journey through The Cave and will be posting up stopping points along the way for anyone that may need some help. If you do need any The Cave help, or if we skip a part that you would like to see, make sure to hit us up in the comments. Do you know an easier way to do a puzzle? Hit us up in the comments as well and help your fellow gamers. If you need any other The Cave Guides make sure to check out our The Cave Walkthrough that has links for every single puzzle. Let’s get started.

The Knight’s Puzzle Guide

knight invencible the cave
The Knight’s Quest in The Cave is all about distracting things with your invincibility. To get inside the Knight’s challenge area, head down the put that has a bunch of flame throwers. Use the Knight’s invincibility to get through the flames. Head over to the left to trigger a cut scene between you and the king.

Getting the Princesses’s Heart

Getting the Princess’s heart is a multiple step process. First you need to head to the right from the King. Eventually you will get to a rope. Head up the rope and up some ladders. You will make it to a balcony that has a princess.

The Princess will tell you that she needs the Dragon’s Treasure before she will give you her pendent. You can follow the signs to get to the Dragon, but you first need to find the Dragon Key. Take the Knight and head to the right. Eventually you will be able to go up to where there is a guard guarding the skeleton key. If you have the Time Traveler, you can just phase shift over to it and back. If you don’t, it is a little bit more difficult.

Take the Knight and one other character up a couple more floors in the castle. On the right side there will be a lever that lowers a cage to different levels of the castle. Put the Knight into the cage and turn on his invincibility. Switch back to the character that is by the lever. Lower the Knight while he using invincibility to the second floor. The guard will shoot at the Knight relentlessly. Now you can take your third character up the ladder to collect the dragon key.

Now take the Knight and the character with the Dragon Key into the basement. For the Knight, head to the dragon down a rope. For the character with the key, take them down a ladder on the right side of the tower. Use the key to unlock a back door to the Dragon. With the Knight, jump towards the dragon and use his invincibility. The dragon will become distracted by the Knight, leaving your other character completely free to grab the dragon treasure.

Take the Dragon Treasure up the tower with the Knight and unlock the Princess’s room. The Dragon will drop a bloody amulet. You can now take this bloody amulet back to the King and get him to drop a bridge to cross over to Excalibur.

Pulling Excalibur Out of the Rock

Now all you have to do is pull Excalibur out of the rock. However, the rocks are holding the sword in place really well. Grab one of your other characters. In the room just below the Princess’s there is boxes of dynamite . Grab a stick and take it to the basement of the tower. Follow the signs that point to the Dragon.

Along the way you will see a sign that has a picture of four skulls. Follow this sign and it will take you to the underside of Excalibur. Light the stick of dynamite and drop it right below the crumbling rocks. When the rocks explode the Knight will be able to pull the sword from the rock. For a bonus achievement/trophy, you can follow the King back to the Princess. If you don’t care about that stuff though, you can just exit out the left to move on to another area.

I hope this guide helped you guys. If you do need any more help with this puzzle let us know and we will get on it! I will also post a few video guides here and there on posts that show some more details. For more The Cave Guides, check out our The Cave Walkthrough Guide Collection. Thank you for reading and keep it locked on Gamers Heroes for all of your gaming needs.

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