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The Cave Guide – 3 Minecart Puzzle Guide


The Cave, a game made by Ron Gilbert and Double Fine Productions is a 2D side scrolling puzzle quagmire. We will documenting our journey through The Cave and will be posting up stopping points along the way for anyone that may need some help. If you do need any The Cave help, or if we skip a part that you would like to see, make sure to hit us up in the comments. Do you know an easier way to do a puzzle? Hit us up in the comments as well and help your fellow gamers. Lets get started.

Grabbing 3 Minecarts for the Miner


Really any of these minecart puzzles in this section of The Cave can be done in any order. First to open up the three different sections you have to grab a bucket. The miner will have thrown the bucket at you when you stumble upon him. Take the bucket up a rope, ladder and another rope and you will see a bucket of water. Fill that bucket up with water and then head back to the Miner. When he throws dynamite at you, catch them with the bucket of water. This will give you the dynamite to blow up the openings to the three different mine cart areas.

The First, $niff Machine Minecart Puzzle

The first minecart in The Cave puzzle can be completed with two characters. The objective here is to get gold in the mine cart so that the $niff machine will be able to sense the gold. Use one character to hold the cart in position underneath the claw. Then with the other character hit the switch to have the claw grab the gold and put it in the cart. Afterwards let the cart roll by itself towards the $niff machine and you will have found the miners first minecart.

The Second, Balancing Minecart Puzzle

The second minecart puzzle in The Cave is a balancing act between the characters and the minecart. First have a character on the right side to drop the tracks right next to the minecart. With another character move the cart on the balancing platform. Then move two characters to the left platform which will put the minecart on the top. Move your third character to the cart and this will put it on the middle level. Move the cart into the center of this area.

Now that we have it in the middle we can do some shifting around. Take one of your characters off the left balancing set of tracks and go up the ladder to put them on the right side. From here take the character that is on the left set of tracks and pull the minecart onto that set. This will drop the cart down a level, but that’s ok because we still have a free character. Climb the ladders to put your character that isn’t on any of the balancing levels to the right side and then you will be able to push the cart out of this area to the left. Phew, that’s two minecarts down, and one to go.

The Third, Empty Minecart Puzzle

The empty minecart in The Cave is tricky, but not difficult. You need to grab a shovel that the Miner original threw at your first character when you stumbled across him. Take that character and put him in the cart. You will notice that the action button with that character does a little swing. Push the cart with another character down hill. As soon as the cart starts rolling by itself, switch to the character that is inside the cart with the shovel. You will notice that the cart goes into a back room of some sort. Hit the action button to swing your shovel at a yellow rail road crossing sign that is a track switch. The cart will then take a different path and lead you right back to the miner.

I hope this guide helped you guys. If you do need any more help with this puzzle let us know and we will get on it! I will also post a few video guides here and there on posts that show some more details. Thank you for reading and keep it locked on Gamers Heroes for all of your gaming needs.

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