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The Cave Guide – The Twins House Puzzle Guide


Double Fine and Ron Gilbert have brought The Cave to practically every console or platform. This Twins House Puzzle Guide for The Cave will show you how to get around all the puzzles effectively and efficiently. Make sure to check out our The Cave Walkthrough Guide if you would like more help with the game. If you have any more questions you can always hit us up in the forums.

Figuring Out the Twins

If you decided to play through The Cave with the Twins then you will come across the Twins House as one of your puzzles. The house is a little bit creepy and full of surprises. Here we will break down the easiest way to get through the Twins House so that if you don’t feel like being scared, at least it will be quick.

Getting Into the Attic

The first thing you have to do is get into the attic. To get into the attic you have to find the umbrella. You can find the umbrella on the right side of the house by the twins father (which is also the exit). With the umbrella in hand, make your way up the zig zaggity stair cases to the top floor. Use the action button on the attic latch and a ladder will fall down, letting you up into the attic.

Once up here you have two objectives, get the fuse out of the fuse box, and getting the box of china out of the attic. Head over to the right side of the attic and you will see a box with sparks coming out form behind it. Pull the box to the left and then you can grab the fuse out of the fuse box. Take the fuse downstairs and there will be a room on the left that has an empty fuse slot. Putting the fuse inside the fuse slot will make it so the dumbwaiter will work.

The Hammer, The Box & The Dumbwaiter

Now you need to find a hammer. There is a hammer in the kitchen where the Twins Mother is making soup. Take the hammer to the attic and beat down the loose floor board. This will make it so the whole attic is a smooth surface that you can push the box across.

From here it becomes a bit tedious. Push the box of china that was once in front of the fuse box out of the attic and keep pushing it down the stairs for a while. Eventually you will end up in the kitchen with your mother. Leave the box for a second in the kitchen area because you need to go up the dumbwaiter. Pull the lever and use the twins power to hold it open. Walk over to the dumbwaiter and it will suck you in and take you to the second level. Take the empty chamber pot from this room and head back down to the kitchen.

Once you are in the kitchen you can go up a ladder before making it close to the twins mom. This will take you into a bathroom. Fill the empty chamber pot up with water and go back down to the kitchen. Push the box of china now in front of the dumbwaiter and pull the lever twice. This will pop that box up on the third floor by a room that has a plant in it. Run upstairs with the pot to where the box is.

Push the box all the way to the left so that you can jump through the open window. This will lead to a couple of ropes and eventually the roof. Head to the right across the roof until you come to a chimney. This is where the camber pot comes in handy. Press the action button while standing next to the chimney and the twins will poor water to put out the fire below. Take the ladder down the chimney and that will put you in a room with a skeleton key. The skeleton key opens up any door in the Twins house.

Poisoning the Twins Parents

Take the skeleton key to the basement. You have probably heard the Twins Mom every once and a while saying that you need to feed the dog. The skeleton key will open up the basement door that has the dog food. Grab the dog food and bring it back to the kitchen. There will be a dog bowl on the left side of the room that you can drop the food in. The dog will come over and eat the food.

For the first time in this whole part of this level you will need to use another character. Switch over to another character that is by the levers and go down immediately to the left of where you are standing. After a little bit you will come across a pile of bones. Hit the action button to pick up a bone. Take the bone downwards and then to the right and you will see the guard dog sleeping by the kitchen door of the Twins house.

Take your third character now and walk him back to the character with the bone by the dog. You will notice there is a little passageway under the house. Take that passageway and there will be a steam valve. Hit the action button to turn the steam valve and turn off the steam in the basement.

With the steam off take the twins into the basement. Go all the way to the right and there will be a bag of rat poison. Take this bag of rat poison up to the kitchen and stand to the right of the soup pot. Then switch to the character with the bone by the dog.

distract-the-gaurd-dog-in-the-caveHit the action button and your character will wave the bone. The dog will stand up and start barking. The Twins mother will then start to yell at the dog. This is your opportunity to poison the soup. Hit the action button and the Twins will pour rat poisoning into the soup. After poisoning your mother will tell you to wash up. Go up the ladder to the right and turn the faucet on. Afterwards the Twins Mother and Father will be dead and you will be able to use the key on the exit door.

I hope this guide helped you guys. If you do need any more help with this puzzle let us know and we will get on it! I will also post a few video guides here and there on posts that show some more details. Thank you for reading and keep it locked on Gamers Heroes for all of your gaming needs.

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