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The Computer Is Unavailable In Agencies For GTA Online DLC

The Contract DLC Laptop Is Having Some Issues

There is a problem starting the new Contract DLC in certain sessions. This guide on The Computer Is Unavailable In Agencies For GTA Online DLC will tell you how to fix this error quickly so you can get to completing the new Contract DLC missions and progressing with the story.

When you buy an agency and enter the building to use the laptop, you may get an error that stops you progressing. The error reads

This Computer is unavailable. The maximum number of VIPs, CEOs, and Club Presidents has been reached in this session. Error Message

As the error suggests, the current lobby has too many VIPs, CEOs, and Club Presidents, so you cannot register.

The Computer Is Unavailable In Agencies For GTA Online DLC

The Computer Is Unavailable In Agencies For GTA Online DLC
There is no “instant” fix for this. It’s a limitation that has been in GTA Online for some time. However, there is a much faster way to fix it than running back up to the agency and using the laptop every time. When you get this error you want to open the main menu and switch GTA Online sessions. When you load into the next session, you will spawn right near your Agency. Don’t go inside.

Instead open the interaction menu (hold the touch pad on PS4/5). Then select the Securo CEO option. If the option is available and you can switch, turn it on real quick. You can then head into the Agency building and interact with the computer. If the option is greyed out, you can save your time trying to access the computer as the limit would have been reached. Simply change session again until you load into one where the slot is available.

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