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The Darkness 2 Bragg Boss Guide

Darkness 2
Bragg is the boss who you will face in the graveyard. He will interrupt your Aunt Sarah s funeral. He has some weird abilities, you will not fully fight him until the end of the level.

When Bragg appears during the level he will be on top of buildings. Aim up and make sure you find him. You will have to shoot him a bit and then he should materialize into purple smoke and appear somewhere else. Follow where the smoke goes to get him as he appears. Shoot him throughout the level. Eventually you will fully face Bragg. There are ammo containers around the boss area, be sure to stock up on ammo. When he is in the area he will do two moves. He will shoot the purple smoke at your, be sure to move around and dodge it. Then when he appears somewhere else, he will rush through the air and try to slam into you. Be sure you move to the side or away from where he charges. Eventually men will spawn and the light will get closer to you. Stay away from the light as you cannot destroy it, take care of his men. Then make sure you keep finding where he appears by following the purple smoke and eventually shoot him all the way down while dodging all of his moves. Good luck.

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