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The Darkness 2 Holy Relics Guide

Darkness 2
In the Darkness 2 there are 29 relics that can be found in the game. They are purple shiny objects surrounded by treasure and coins. They are pretty obvious, the hard part is just finding the path to see them.

If you pause the game during a level in the bottom left it will say how many relics are in your current level. Make sure you pause once you feel the setting has changed to make sure you don’t miss any in a level. Also if you have the pre-order you should level your bonus essence talents and get relic hunter. Then while playing a level also look for a relic symbol and follow it to the relic. Relics give 300+ to essence to making it worth finding.

NOTE: These aren’t all in order I missed a few  along the way I will try my best to update as many relics as I can. For now I will number what I found so you know how many I at least know of.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 1The first relic is really obvious you will easily find it right away in the opening level. Just click square when you see it after you go outside of the restaurant.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 2 – The second relic is underneath the stairs as you go into the subway. Go down the steps and instead of going forward, go backwards. It will be against a wall in the subway still above ground.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 3 – The third relic is a little off the set path so be sure to grab it before you get to far. This is a short level, there is no combat. When you go up the stairs go check the other bedrooms to the left of the hallway leading to your main objective. The relic should be on a table in a bedroom across from a bed and it should be a big book.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 4 – The fourth relics is in the building you first enter after you leave your men. Go inside then go to the right and turn the corner and go into a room with arcade machines. The relic should be right there as you enter.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 5 – The fifth relic is outside the building in the level Q and A and is the second relic of that level. Follow the junkyard of cars and the relic will be to the left of the essence upgrade crystal.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 6 – The sixth relic is right after the boss fight with Swifty. Once you go up the broken crane go inside the small building right ahead. The relic will be straight inside.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 7 – This relic is in the vehicle garage part of the level. After you enter and clear the room where the car engines are on hooks. Get on the ground floor and the relic should be in a room by itself through a doorway.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 8 – This relic will be after a essence crystal. It will be right after you hear Swifty start talking. There should be a breakable door. Use the demon arm to break the door then the relic will be right inside.

This relic is right in the path you must go for your main objective. It will be through a door that breaks open. You will see it right past your new found enemies. These enemies are the ones with weird armor and weapons. It should be obvious.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 10 – This relic will be right behind you in the corner as you wake up from being impaled at the cross. Remember to turn around right after you get the darkness back before continuing.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 11 – This next relic will be right as you enter Jackie’s mansion. Go behind you down the hallway as you enter after you talk to one of your thugs. There should be a door that you break with your demon arm. Go inside and get your relic.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 12 – After you get outside it will tell you to find ground level. Go toward the main objective but then when you go down some stairs look to your right. On the side of the building you should see the glowing purple relic. Use your demon arm to grab the relic, thus collecting it and your essence.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 13 – Find this relic by going all the way down the long path where you fight a Brotherhood riot shield guy, and one who is using a chain that steals your guns. Walk all the way down and go to your left behind the graveyard building. The relic should be behind it.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 14 – Right as you enter the Carnival go up the path to the left, then take a right past a really lit area. It should make your screen turn grey a second because its so bright, keep walking to the right and you should see the relic in this area.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 15 – Once you go towards Victor and take out the lights inside the tunnel with the clown door, there should be a relic. Once you go through the next clown door go up to the right and back up some stairs and the relic should be there.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 16 – After you see Jenny for the second time in the Carnival you have to fight a bunch of Brotherhood men. Once they all die two doors open, the one for the main path and the door to the relic. Return to the run down game stand where the blue bear is and look for the doorway that has opened up against the wall. The relic will be inside.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 17 – While searching for Victor at the Carnival and right after the propane tank part you will go inside a building. You will enter a room and see a door with bars on it. In this room is the relic. You can easily reach through with your demon armor and grab it, or fight off the brotherhood and break the generator light. Go around and find the entrance to the room. The relic is on a table.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 18 – Once you find the explosive truck go around it and get the relic. Make sure you look for it right away before you start the next part of the level with the truck.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 19 –After Jackie is free you will go into his father’s office. The relic will be right there along with the shotgun.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 20 – In the cellar go to the room located next to a table with two chairs and a lantern on it. Go to the left and there should be the relic through a doorway.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 21 – After you get some powers back you will fight Victor’s goons. Once you go up the broken stairs, carefully go around the corner without falling down the broken floor. The relic should be back there against the wall.

The Darkness 2 Relic Guide 22 – The next relic will be right as you enter Hell. Go to the right on the path to Jenny and claim it.

The relic will be in the wooden room where you fight Victor. Should be in plain sight.

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