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The Darkness 2 Mr. Peevish Boss Guide

Darkness 2

Mr. Peevish is Victor’s right hand man and the boss you will face after The Darkness is taken from you. Be prepared because you won’t have the powers of The Darkness.

Mr. Peevish isn’t as hard as he is made out to be, but you should still watch out for the things he does. He summons Darklings constantly. You can shoot them to have less things attacking you, but your best bet is to just attack Mr. Peevish. Keep moving around, don’t let the Darklings hit you. Chase Mr. Peevish, I recommend using some kind of high ammo/rapid fire gun. Keep your cross-hairs and spray at him while chasing him and running from the Darklings. You can kill the Darklings, but they will re spawn quickly. Just run around the room chasing Peevish, hurting him when you can while kiting the Darklings so that you can’t get hurt. He can’t out run you, or materialize in a different spot, so once you start getting him good, keep up the chase.

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