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The Darkness 2 Swifty Boss Guide

Darkness 2
The first boss of the game is Swifty. He will be in a giant crane trying to hit kill Jackie. He has a health bar that you must deplete in order to continue the game.

The only way to hurt Swifty is by throwing propane tanks with your demon arm. Grab it and throw them at the crane. Don’t worry about aim to much it, as long as it explodes on the crane. Your Darkling partner will bring them to you, but while you wait for him you must hold off several thugs. The light in this fight comes from the crane you cannot destroy it. Instead of worrying about it, stay away from it. The thugs should move to you, stay in the shadowy parts of the area and be sure to crouch. Kill the men and then grab tanks when you have a chance to hurt Swifty. Throw a few and then the crane will explode. You should also try to dodge the Crane. Sprint when he swings it at you, and jump when its near. If you get hit, try to save hearts to eat and heal up from. Because that and some gun shots or being in the light can get you killed. Good luck.

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