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The Division Guide: Base Of Operations Guide

The Division Guide: Base Of Operations Guide
In Tom Clancy’s The Division you will be upgrading your base of operations as you go through the game. The upgrades start off simple to get but get more difficult as you progress. Check out this The Division Guide to help you upgrade them fast!

The Division Base Of Operations Guide

The best way to get points for these is to beat the zones 100% and do the story missions. They are not meant to be quick, but if you spend points properly it can really help you early on.

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Medical Wing Upgrades

Virus Lab
Disaster Aid
Intensive Care
Hazmat Unit
Decontamination Unit
Pediatric Care

Tech Wing Upgrades

Control Room
Division Tech
Water Purification
Field Engineering
Central Heating
Recharge Center

Security Wing Upgrades

Situation Room
Dark Zone Ops
Supply Line
Procurement Team
Guard Posts
Shooting Range
Canine Unit
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