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The Elder Scrolls Blades Races Guide

The Elder Scrolls Blades Races Guide
What race to choose? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each race in ES Blades? Those and other questions are answered in our The Elder Scrolls Blades Races Guide, featuring a brief introduction to the various races you can choose for your character during character creation.

As with all titles in The Elder Scrolls franchise, there’s a variety of different races that hail from all over The Elder Scrolls world. Each Race has its own background story and a combination of perks and bonuses that make it better at certain aspects of the game. Below is a breakdown of the Races in The Elder Scrolls Blades and what perks they have.

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Wood Elf

  • +15 Poison Resistance
  • +5% Damage with abilities


  • +5% Health Regen
  • +5% Damage with Daggers, Hand Axes, Light Hammers


  • +15 Poison Resistance
  • +5% Stamina Regeneration
  • +5% Armor Rating
  • +5% Damage with abilities
  • +15 Frost Resistance
  • +5% Damage with Greatswords, battle axes and warhammers
  • +5% Armor rating
  • +10% Poison Damage
  • +5% Health restored from healing effects
  • +5% Damage with longswords, war axes and maces
High Elf
  • +15 Shock resistance
  • +5% Magicka Regeneration
Dark Elf
  • +15 Fire Resistance
  • +5% Damage with Spells
  • +10 Spell Resistance
  • +5% Damage with longswords, war axes and maces

Unlike other ES games, ES Blades does allow you to change race and appearance after character creation. What race did you choose?

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