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The Elder Scrolls Blades Secret Location Guide

The Elder Scrolls Blades Secret Location Guide
Want to know where to find all the secrets in ES Blades? This The Elder Scrolls Blades Secret Location Guide will tell you the location of the Secret Found 0/X objectives scattered throughout many of the games missions that includes rare and valuable rewards such as crafting materials and Chests.

When you first begin a mission in Elder Scrolls Blades, you will often see something like Secret Found 0/1. This tells you that the mission you are about to launch has a number of hidden Secrets, in this example, just the one. They are usually hidden behind locked doors or secret passages. This guide will help you find all the secret locations as you progress through the games missions.

The Elder Scrolls Blades Secret Location Guide

Rescuing The Townsfolk Secret Location
Lumber Run Secret Location
The Greencap Bandits Secret Location
Hidden Mysteries Secret Location
Mercenaries On The Run Secret Location
The Bloodfall Queen Secret Location
The Name of Evil Secret Location
Secrets Of The Ayleids

We will continue to update our The Elder Scrolls Blades Secret Location Guide as we unlock more missions and discover more Secrets. Check back soon for updates.

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