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The Last Of Us Comics Location Guide

The Last Of Us Comics Location Guide
Comics are another collectible item in The Last of Us. Alongside Artifacts, Training Manuals, Supplements and Firefly Pendents. This The Last Of Us Comics Location Guide will tell you where to find each of the comics scattered throughout the game.

  • Comic Location #1
  • The first Comic is found automatically by Ellie. She show’s it to Joel during the car journey as they leaves Bill’s town.

  • Comic Location #2
  • After killing the bandits and going through their home you drop down into a new area. Ellie learns to whistle. Search the back of the nearby bus for another Comic.

  • Comic Location #3
  • Inside the hotel. After you kill the guy that kicks you off the ladder climb up and head left. Take your first left and shimmy across, the Comic is on one of the chairs

  • Comic Location #4
  • After you meet Henry and Sam continue down the stairs until you reach a door. Use a Shiv to open it, the Comic is inside.

  • Comic Location #5
  • When you meet with Sam and Henry again on the beach, head to the boat. The Comic is in the cockpit.

  • Comic Location #6
  • As you explore the following Suburbs area walk to the house near the dead end. Search the upstairs toilet for this Comic.

  • Comic Location #7
  • Once you reach the Snake Trail get to the lowest level. Keep looking to the right and you’ll see an overturned car and a corpse. The Comic is next to the corpse.

  • Comic Location #8
  • Inside the ranch after Ellie escapes on the horse. Upstairs, bedroom. Check near the window

  • Comic Location #9
  • When you reach the University, but before you go inside, turn around. Walk up the hill to the end and you’ll see the Comic on the bonnet of a burnt out car.

  • Comic Location #10
  • When you’re hunting the Deer with Ellie continue until the blood trail leads into a barn. You can find the Comic inside, in a drawer.

  • Comic Location #11
  • When walking near Whitefish Lake you’ll have to cut through a pipe and walk up some nearby steps. Search the benches to find another Comic.

  • Comic Location #12
  • When you see the giraffes near the Bus Depot search the nearby Men’s Toilets to find another Comic.

  • Comic Location #13
  • As you make your way towards St. Mary’s Hospital you’ll have to boost Ellie in the tunnel. Before dropping down search the ventilation shaft on the left hand side. Explore that to find another Comic.

  • Comic Location #14
  • Right near the end of the game you’ll discover the final Comic on the drivers seat of a burnt out pickup.

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