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The Last Of Us Guide: Tool Location Guide

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In order to upgrade your weapon to the fullest in The Last Of Us you will need to find the tools. The tools can be missed so this guide will help you find them as you go through he game. Let’s get started.

The Last Of Us Tool Locations

Ellie and JOel

The Last Of Us Tool Location Guide

Tools Level 1
Once you meet up with Bill and go to his armory he will give you a nail bomb. If you go to the other room across from the table you can find a toolbox with the tools and some gear in them.

Tools Level 2
After you part ways with Bill you will run into a group of bandits. Clear out all the bandits and then you will see a garage door that you can open. Open it and go inside to find the next level tools into a tool box.


Tools Level 3
After you and Sam get separated from Henry and Ellie you will be in a survivor camp filled with infected. I set up a bunch of bombs and killed them but you can sneak to the are as well, it just takes more time. From where you are able to move tick to the right wall and follow it all the way until you reach some stairs, climb those stairs and in the room at the top you will find the tools.

Tools Level 4
These tools can be found in room 104 of the science building after you get to the university. The room is on the second floor and you will need a shiv to open the door.

Tools Level 5
After you see the Giraffes you will walk by a huge FEDRA tent and Joel will talk about his time at one of these places. Go inside that tent and on the table you can find the tools.

That will end the The Last Of Us Tool Location Guide, check back soon for more guides!

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