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The Last Of Us Guide: Weapon Location Guide

The Last Of Us Guide
The Last Of Us has various weapons you can use to help you get through the game. The thing is you don’t have to find all of them so this list will help you not miss any throughout your journey. Let’s get started.

The Last Of Us Weapons List


The Last Of Us Weapon Location Guide

9mm Pistol
After you get a certain part in the story you will pick this up before you can progress with the main story.

Melee Weapons
These come in various forms and can be found all over the game. These can be upgraded to kill enemies in one hit for a couple of swings.

Once you are with Ellie you will go through town and enter a broken building. Eventually you will cross over some scaffolding on the outside of the buildings until you reach a window. Once you go inside there is a dead body and on that body you will find the gun.

Hunting Rifle
After you and Ellie split up with Tess you will come across this gun after you jump from the museum. It does not have a scope to begin with.

Ellie Bow

Hunting Bow
While you are looking for Bill you will use a ladder to get on top of a truck. Up there behind the couch you can find the bow.

Once you reach the armory with Bill he will give you this as a reward.

Once you are in the sewers you will reach double doors that have a symbol on them. Open those doors and you will set off a sound trap. Keep following the path from there until you find the gun.

El Diablo
Once you cross of the hydro power plant you will make your way to a huge green gate that has FEDRA on it. Instead of going through that gate turn around and go down to the guard-house below to get this weapon.

El Diablo

As you ride through the university campus you will find a building with an open garage on it. Go into the garage and you can find the Flamethrower and a work bench there.

That will end The Last Of Us Weapon Location Guide, check back soon for more guides!

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