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The Last Of Us Training Manual Guide

The Last Of Us Training Manual Guide
Training Manuals are one of the rarest collectibles in The Last of Us, but they’re also some of the best! This The Last Of Us Training Manual Guide will tell you where each Training Manual can be found and what they’re used for. I will be updating the game as I go. Please leave a comment if you know of one I missed.

  • Training Manual #1: Shiv Upgrade
  • The first training manual can be found inside Bill’s Safehouse. It increase the amount of times you can kill with a Shiv by 1.

  • Training Manual #2: Health Pack Upgrade
  • Once you leave Bill’s Town in the truck you’ll get ambushed at the next town. Take out the enemies and head through the large metal door. Once inside head up the stairs and search the first room on your right. Makes Health Kit’s 33% stronger. There’s also a Supplement inside.

  • Training Manual #3: Shiv Upgrade
  • This one can be found inside the safe at the ground floor of the Hotel, after the cut-scene with the two bandits removing the plank of wood. Use the ladder to get to the first floor and then head right. Shimmy up the broken staircase and walk to the end to find the Artifact with the safe combination. Then return to the ground floor and open the safe. Shivs last two hits longer.

  • Training Manual #4: Melee Upgrade
  • Continue through the hotel. Eventually a guy will kick you off of a ladder. Once you recover go up the ladder and continue through. Shortly you’ll reach a hallway with 3 phones and 2 ATM’s, run to the end of the hallway to find the Training Manual. Modifications last 1 extra hit

  • Training Manual #5: Molotov Upgrade
  • After you meet Henry and Sam follow them through the apartment and check the kitchen for this Training Manual. 1.5x explosion radius for Molotov’s.

  • Training Manual #6: Explosion Upgrade
  • In the Sewers with Henry and Sam. Continue through until the noise trap, go ahead and the Training Manual is on a shelf. Explosion radius 1.5x larger.

  • Training Manual #7: Melee Upgrade
  • – Submitted by Michael Lock
    There’s another melee upgrade in your time with Henry and Sam. In the house near the two dogs fighting, upper level there is a loft (attic) which you can boost Ellie in to after pulling down the cover. Modifications last 2 extra hits. Note: The attic entrance is a bit buggy as I was unable to open it.

  • Training Manual #8: Smoke Bomb Upgrade
  • In the main Power Plant room on the desk. Just follow Tommy and you can’t miss it. Smoke Bombs last 3x longer.

  • Training Manual #9: Health Kit Upgrade
  • After you jump the low wall covered in wire in the University, take a right. You’ll see windows on the bottom floor. Go up a flight of stairs, out onto the roof, and it another window. The Training Manual is inside on a work surface. Health Kits are now 67% stronger.

  • Training Manual #10: Molotov Upgrade
  • Once you get into the Science Lab at the University (through the broken first floor wall), follow the yellow cable until you see an Exit sign. Down there is a Skiv door, go inside to find it. Molotov explosions x2 bigger.

  • Training Manual #11: Smoke Bomb Upgrade
  • After you regain control of Joel you’ll need to work through the motel. It’s easy if you stealth it but can be hard to find due to the storm. Once inside the motel head to the bathroom and through to the back alley. Open the nearby Shiv door for a Smoke Bomb upgrade.

  • Training Manual #12: Nail Bomb Upgrade
  • Inside the tunnel, on the way to the hospital, it’s hard to miss. It’s on top of one of the trucks near the 2 fat bloaters. Be sure to clear the infected and runners first. Nail Bomb explosion radius increased by 1.5x


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