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The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Ghirahim Guide

The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Ghirahim Guide

The first boss in Zelda Skyward Sword is Ghirahim. This guy seems to be the big bad guy for the game so I doubt we will end him in the Skyview temple. This boss guide will help you burn through him when you meet. So let’s get to it.

This guy is really annoying but I blame motion controls because it is hard to be precise with them. Still it is possible just don’t get to flustered at the fight.

I highly advise a potion for this fight. Something I didn’t notice until I won the fight was the pots all around the place. I think they have about 8 and each of them has a heart in it so if you need one go break it and grab it. Make sure he isn’t on you though because he will try to attack you still.

First off for the Zelda Skyward Sword Ghirahim boss guide is his moves. He is very confident in himself and has the talent to prove it. Nearly every one of his attacks will result in a lost heart.

For the first part of the fight all he will try to do is counter. His finger will glow red and if you hit where he thinks you will he will grab you sword. Shake the wiimote to get it back. To avoid this fake him out. Act like you will swing left then swing right. Point the sword in the opposite direction you intend to swing. If he gets your sword wait until he throws it and grab it. You can hit more then once after this as well.

For the second part of the fight he will get a sword. He can hit you with this now but rarely just swings.

First attack is five red daggers he will shoot towards you. This can be knocked down or if you hit enough they are shot back at him. If they are he just blocks them so I’m not sure what the point is other then you don’t get hit.

He will also put his sword kind of behind his back then charge you and swing when he closes the gap. I dodge this most of the time but sometimes he still hits me.

He can teleport as well. When he does this he is more vulnerable to attack the before. He can still block and counter though so do the fake left swing right thing.

Pretty much anytime you want to hit him do the fake out thing first to be safe.

Now for the actual fight for the Zelda Skyward Sword Ghirahim boss guide. This first part is actually really simple once you get it down. It is just kind of hard to get the hold the wiimote to the left and then swiftly swing right without actually swinging the sword. Just wait for him to light his hand up then close the gap. Once you feel like you can hit him try it out. He will likely catch it but shake the wiimote and go back at it. Remember you can get more then one hit in when you do get past his guard so swing as much as you can.

Now for the hard part. I died on this part around 10 times I think. It’s not that I couldn’t hit him it’s just that I had a hard time getting the timing right for his dash swing.

Anyways once he gets his sword he will likely open up with the ranged red dagger attack. Swing them back at him and he will block them. Also remember if you have a potion you can use it as well as the pots around the area.

What I did when I finally won was just kept rushing him. I forced him to keep teleporting and didn’t let him use the dash attack at all. He got me with a couple counters because I was trying to be fast but this was by far the easiest way to beat him. Keep making him retreat. When he about to dash rush him, when he uses his red daggers rush him and destroy them before he can launch them and finally when he teleports fake him out and land a bunch of hits. By fake him out I mean put the sword up and swing right or something like that because he can still counter.

Keep the pressure on him because if the pressure gets to you that’s probably it for you.

That will end the Zelda Skyward Sword Ghirahim boss guide. Gotta say I am looking forward to when I really beat him down. Check our Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Walkthrough Guide Collection for other guides related to Zelda

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  1. the first time you fight him the best time to strike him is when he is crouching over to charge at you. this gets him to not charge at you in the first place.

  2. I found the first part of the fight easier if I turned my back to him and then struck when when he was close. He seemed to be less likely to block the attack. In fact, I thought that was the way I was supposed to fight him then.

  3. When he rushes you, have your sword pointed upward (doesn’t matter if it’s fully charged or not) when he rushes you bring your sword down on his head. Sometimes he angles toward the left or right so strafe to stay directly in front of him. Once you get the timing it’s almost always a guaranteed hit.

  4. Easy fellow to beat once he’s figured out.

    First round, let him come to you. Hold your sword to the left and wait for him to stop, then move your sword to the right (notice his hand won’t follow the movement) then keep striking him. Repeat this.

    Second round is a bit trickier, but again easy once you figure him out. When he dashes, he will stop for a split second before he strikes. When he does, deflect with your shield (shake the nunchuck). This will throw him off balance and give you time to strike. As for the rest, same as mentioned above.

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