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The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Skyview Temple Walkthrough

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Skyview Temple Walkthrough
After a couple hours in Zelda Skyward Sword you will finally get to Skyview Temple. This is the first temple in the game and from what I’ve heard we will come back after we finish it up. This guide will help you burn through it in no time. Let’s go.

First off for the Zelda Skyward Sword Skyview temple guide is getting into the temple. Once you talk to the Goron and are in front of the door you can click it and you will find it is sealed. There is a tombstone to the right of the temple that gives you a riddle to opening the door but I’ll just tell you. When you are at the door look up at the ceiling to find a pink crystal. Shoot it with the slingshot and you can go in.

Next for the Zelda Skyward Sword Skyview temple guide is inside the actual temple. Once inside Fi will inform you that tracking Zelda is not possible due to all the energy sources in here. That’s fine who needs a stick to show them how to beat a temple anyways. I will be doing this room b room so it should be simple for everyone to keep up.

The first room is pretty straight forward. It will have some bats and an angry plant. Just keep taking the stairs and cutting the spider webs you come across. If you are blocked by trees or something cut them down and keep going. At the bottom there will be a barred door. If you look to the right of it you will see some vines. We have to climb up there and hit the red switch but first you need to slingshot the plant so he doesn’t knock you off right away. Climb up kill him if you want then slice the switch.Jump down and head into the next room.

This room is small and has an eye that watches you. Now normally you would just shoot they eye and be done but they tried to be tricky in this game. Point your sword at the eye then do circles until he gets dazed. It will then fall and you can get into the next room.

Once in the next room you will see a bunch of those green things that will blow up on you. On the ceiling you will also notice the flowers. I ran through then shook off the green thing I had on me. Once you make it out to the main chamber turn around and kill the spiders on the vines. Climb up and break the wood up there to get a shortcut to the first room. Now head back down.

Now at the bottom you should see a bird statue. Take this opportunity to save. You will then see a green goblin out there. Go beat him down and you will see that you can go left or right. Look right and break the red crystal above the door with the slingshot and go through that door.

Once in that room cut the spider web and keep going down the path. You should see two Skulltulas in this room. They are much more annoying in this game but we can avoid them. Drop down off the ledge and to the left you should see a hole in the wall you can crawl through. Do so and inside that room is another red crystal. Hit it and some water will go into the bird statue room. Now climb up the vines you can now access and head back to the bird statue room.

Once back there go to the bared door. Drop down below the door and under neath you can now access the switch to open that gate. Hit it then climb back up and go through that door.

This room is fairly simple. Take care of the green goblin in the room so he won’t bother you later. Once he is dealt with Go to the right of the room and look across the bridge. You should see two vines hanging from the ceiling that need to be shot down with the slingshot. Shoot them both and hop to the first one. With the first one turn your body so you can jump to the bridge. Once on the bridge look in between the two vines and you will see another red crystal. Shoot it with your slingshot and more water will go into the main room. Hop onto the second vine and jump off at the other side. Go up the stairs and out that door.

The next part of the Zelda Skyward Sword Skyview temple guide will be the area we couldn’t get to before but now can due to the flooding. First off once you get back into the bird statue room look left. The staircase cuts off unto something else you can climb. Climb up that to get the temple map. Now hop down to the main area of the room. On the right side you should see a log floating in the water. Use that to jump to the vines and get to the next room. There might be a spider on it so kill it before hand.

Unfortunately this room requires you to kill the Skulltula. They really made a lot of the enemies in this game more annoying or maybe it’s the motion controls. Anyways swing at it with a side slice and it should spin around. Be careful if it hits you you will lose a full heart. Once is is starting to slow down use the jab to hit it then jab again to finish it. Now go to where the spider was at first. Both eyes should be open and looking at you. Spin the sword in a circle until they both fall. Now go grab the chest and you will get a key. Use that key back in the bird statue room to open the locked door.

Once the locked door is open you will see tons of spiders and bats. This room has a bird statue in it as well and we will use this as a the bird statue room for now. The bird statue is on the left go to it and save. How head back to the entrance and you should see a bared door below it. Look up for the red crystal and shoot it to open the door. Go inside.

Inside this room you will face off with Stalfos. They duel wield in this one. He isn’t to hard just wait for him to drop his guard and swing a couple times then dodge back out. Rinse and repeat. After he dies open the chest and get the beetle! You have to fly it out of the broken wall and hit the switch you hit to open the door in the first place. Once you hit it again you can leave.

Now that you are back in the bird statue room head back to the bird statue. Look up above the statue and you should see an opening in the wall. Fly the beetle through there and hit the switch. The gate to the door will open and you can go in.

This room is basic just run through to the next door.

Now you will be in the room with the treasure. A spider will drop from the ceiling and try to attack you. I did an upward slice and he fell on his back. I then did a finishing blow and he died. Now look to the right and on the wall you should see some vines. Climb then to see a box hung up by a string. Use the beetle to knock the box down. Push the box over the edge and to about the center. Hop on the box and make sure all eyes are open. Spin your sword in circles till they drop. Go grab the chest which is a key. Now head back to the bird statue room.

Once you leave the treasure room you will need to use the beetle to hit a switch behind the spider in this room or else you can’t leave to the bird statue room. Use the beetle and hit the switch. Then climb up and cut the web. At the end there will be some trees blocking a path that you can crawl through. Cut them down and crawl through to end up at the door. Go through it and you will be back in the statue room.

Now look at your map and go to the locked room. There are tons of plants blocking the path across. Use the beetle and hit them in the stem to kill them with it. Much easier then actually fighting them. Cross over and go in the door.

Once inside the door will lock behind you and you will need to defeat a three headed snake. This isn’t a boss the heads die in one hits but you need to kill all of them at the same time. What I did was killed one waited for the other head to respawn and once they came down I did a spin attack and cut all of them at the same time. After you beat them the door will open and you can go through it.

Once in that room keep following the path and kill the goblin along the way. You will have to jump a gap with the spider blocking the path. Use the beetle to cut his web and he will fall to his death. Then you should see a red crystal above a doorway. Use the beetle to hit it and open up that path. No you have to cross another tight rope to the other side. Lure the goblin across first and hit him with the beetle so he falls. Then you cross.

Once across go to the right and save at the statue. Then go into the room on the right with the heart flower. Climb the vines in there then slice the rope free at the top. Use the rope to jump to the giant tree root or whatever it is. Follow it across until you can’t go anymore and you should see two vines you can knock down. Use the beetle or slingshot to do so and use those vines to get to the boss key. Once you get the key use the vines in there to get back out and cross the tight rope again.

Once across go to the left room and get the 20 rupee chest then go to the bird statue and save. Insert they key. They actually make you spin the key in this one. Once you get the right direction it will glow and you can enter. If you think it looks off spin it a different direction or switch sides.

That will end the Zelda Skyward Sword Skyview temple guide. I will do the boss guide separate since some people just want the temple guide and others just want a boss guide.

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  1. There is a heart piece in the Skyward Temple. It is behind some bars and you can see it once you get to the last room before the boss. I haven’t figured out how to get it yet, but I didn’t see you mention this in the guide.

    1. Yeah I must of missed it I was really just trying to get through the temple though. I will check when I get back there. I assume if you can’t get it with the beetle you can’t get it yet.

  2. You can totally get the heart piece with the beetle… when inside the room you get the beetle in fly it out the hole (where you can see the Skulltula hanging from the ceiling) and hang a left and go up around the statue and into the one hole that doesn’t have bars protecting the crystal switch.

    Takes a bunch of tries but it’s possible I just did it 🙂

  3. This was very useful But Im still stuck during the room with the spiders and a sign saying something about the crystal above and below, i still cant figure out how to get to the other spider across the room, I guess I have to think hard and be more observative.

  4. i have raised the water twice but it is not high enough to climb the vine from the log on the right of the main chamber.
    i think it must be a bug?
    can i reset the level and start again? if not, what can i do?

    1. If your at the demon lord (the thing that looks like the opposite of the thing thats in your sword)the way you beat he is to hit him on the side without the gold ring on his arm.

  5. “Drop down off the ledge and to the left you should see a hole in the wall you can crawl through. Do so and inside that room is another red crystal. Hit it and some water will go into the bird statue room.” …thats the last crystal i need to get but how can i crawl through the hole if its under water?

  6. I’ve accidently skipped the stone in the room with two of the spiders where you have to crawl through the hole at the bottom to hit the stone. now that i have hit the other stones the water level is too high for me to crawl into the tunnel.
    What do i do?

    1. Storm 101 try and run up to it. I know that might not be entirely helpful but it took me 2 tries. Even though I am not up to that part…

      1. Hiya fridge I hve tried sooooooo many times and I can’t seem to do it!!! In starting to think my game cud b faulty or sumat coz I’ve even started all over again yet it still isn’t working but thnx for the advice anyway 🙂

  7. I am stuck at the part with the Skulltulas… I have down the left part but the right part of the room? Please put it as simple as you can. Thank you for the guide!

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