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The Medium Clock Puzzle Guide

The Medium Clock Puzzle Guide
There is a clock puzzle that has you altering time and searching a hidden room. This The Medium Clock Puzzle Guide will tell you how to solve the clock puzzle so you can complete the hidden room objective when you’re trying to find Thomas. Once you have entered the room and begin trying to solve the puzzle, the door is locked behind you. You must solve the puzzle to unlock the door.

Firstly, grab the key from the desk, it’s underneath a torch. Once you have the key, interact with the large grandfather clock on the wall in the room. It’s a huge clock, can’t miss it. Once you interact with the clock, inspect the upper left corner of the clock, this is where you use the key. Use the key to open the clock, now you can mess with time by moving the hands back and forth.

The Medium Clock Puzzle Guide

Medium Clock Puzzle Guide
Set the clock all the way back to 4 PM. When you do this, in the Spirit World, Thomas’ spirit will be standing at the desk with a Spirit Well. Interact with the Spirit Well so you are charged and can use your spirit abilities. Then return to the clock.

Once you have done that, return to the clock and set the time to around 5 PM. You will know the exact time because a secret passage opens in the wall in the Spirit World. Use your Outer Body Experience ability, hold F on the keyboard (check the options menu for all of the controls). When you are controlling Marianne in the Spirit World, head through the secret door. There is a power switch here you need to activate with your Spirit Blast ability, Space on the keyboard.

The Medium Clock Puzzle Guide

Once you’ve done that, return to your corporeal body in the other room. Then approach the bookshelf in the corner. Interact with the bookshelf and use the Insight ability, Left Control on PC. This will reveal a switch behind the picture in the bookshelf. Flip the switch to progress.

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