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The Old Republic How To Get A Lightsaber

The Old Republic How To Get A Lightsaber

Odds are if you are playing Star Wars the Old Republic you will want to play either Jedi or Sith at some point. The main weapon of these classes is of course the Lightsaber. This guide will tell you how to find a lightsaber. So let’s get started.

First thing you should know about the SWTOR getting a Lightsaber guide is you can’t get one until after you do a certain quest. You will likely get it around levels 8-10 but before that you will have to use the training blades mostly. They are kind of lame looking but get the job done.

Now the actual quests will vary depending on if you are Sith or Jedi, but it all still happens during the main quest line. Keep playing through the main quests and do all your side quests as well so you don’t fall behind in levels.

For the Jedi knight quest I had to go save a guy in a cave. Once I got there I had to go and retrieve his lightsaber from the enemy. This will turn into your lightsaber butyou will have to do one more quest.

On the last quest you will likely have to face off with a strong person in order to beat it. Once you do you can go back to your superior and you will be able to get your lightsaber. After that you can mod it to different colors and other various stats. Pick what you want and you will be ready for battle.

To break it down basically follow the main quest line and towards the off the first planet you should get your blade.

That will end the SWTOR getting a Lightsaber guide.  Check back soon for more guides!

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  1. Actually if you get to level 10 and choose the shadow class then you get it before the main quest is done. Not sure about sentinel but I’m guessing the same thing is applicable

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