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The Outer Worlds Choices And Consequences Guide

The Outer Worlds Choices And Consequences Guide
The Outer Worlds has tons of options and choices for you to pick. Check out this The Outer Worlds choices and consequences guide to figure out which path is best for you. Or use it to find out which quest rewards are best.

Ultimately, the choices you make in The Outer Worlds are down to you. It’s not a game or right or wrong choices, although some may test your moral compass. However, we have included information on the choices available in the game. Be cautious however, as some choices may have consequences much later in the game. It’s always a good idea to save first.

The Outer Worlds Choices And Consequences Guide

Not every choice matters, I’ve listed the first few to give you kind of an idea of how it works. Important choices in main missions, side quests, and other conversations will be listed.

The Outer Worlds Main Quest Choices And Consequences Guide

These first ones aren’t that important, but it is still good for you to get used to how these work.

Guard Pelham Choices
Lieutenant Mercer Choices Pt 1
Ada Choices Pt 1
Lieutenant Mercer Choices Pt 2
Silas Choices
Comes Now The Power Choice
Passage To Anywhere
Radio Free Monarch Choices
Candids Cradle Choices
The Demolished Woman
The City And The Stars
Long Distance Choices
Signal Point In Space Choices
Skip The Hope
Point Of No Return Tatarus - The Board Ally
Point Of No Return Tatarus - Phineas Ally
Point Of No Return Tatarus - Sophia Akande

The Outer Worlds Side Quest Choices And Consequences Guide

A Few Kindred Spirits Choice
A Small Grave Matter
Die Robot Choice
The Doom At Roseway (Deal With The Raptidons)
Vulcans Hammer Choices
The Distress Signal Vahns Experiment Terminal Choices
Doom That Came To Roseway Antons Experiment Choices
Work Contact
Happiness Is A Warm Spaceship Choices
Drinking Sapphire Wine Choices
Passion Pills Choices
Flowers For Sebastian Choices
The Grimm Tomorrow
Herricks Handiwork
The Commuter Choices
Pay For The Printer Choices
Errors Unseen Choices
Stainless Steel Rat Choices
A Family Matter
Little Memento
Spratkings choices
Slaughterhouse Clive choices
Peril On Gorgon is the newest DLC for The Outer Worlds and it comes with choices. Check out this The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Choices and Consequences guide to see what happens for most of the choices. This way you can make the right call on key choices.
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