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The Outer Worlds Flaw Guide

The Outer Worlds Flaw Guide
How do you get Flaws? What do Flaws do? This The Outer Worlds Flaw Guide will answer all your Flaw related questions. It’s a unique mechanic that focuses heavily on a risk vs. reward scenario, giving you the choice at taking a negative effect in exchange for free Perk Points.

Flaws are unique, random events that can occur when you finish a specific action in The Outer Worlds. Once it occurs, you will be given the choice to look at the Flaw. If you accept the Flaw, it is added to your character permanently, and you receive the Perk Point(s).

Unlocking Flaws is difficult, because they are not guaranteed. For example, unlock Permanently Crippled occurs when you take leg damage. This could happen early in the game, or much later, depending on your play style and how often you take damage to the legs.

The Outer Worlds Flaw Guide

Permanently Crippled

  • How: Damage to legs multiple times
  • Effects: -30% Movement Speed, unable to Dodge


  • How: Falling from great heights
  • Effects: -1 Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament


  • How: Fight a lot of robots
  • Effects: -1 Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament
  • Warning: There is a robot companion later in the game, the negative effect is applied if he is in your party


  • How: Get mauled by Canids
  • Effects: -1 Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament


  • How: Get caught while disguised in Restricted Areas multiple times
  • Effects: -1 Personality Attributes

Plasma Weakness

  • How: Receive a lot of Plasma Damage
  • Effects: +25% to incoming Plasma Damage

Physical Damage Weakness

  • How: Taking a lot of Physical Damage
  • Effect: +25% to incoming Physical Damage
  • Submitted By: Ethan C Detrolio

Drug Addiction

  • How: Using Inhaler many times with more than 1 drug
  • Effect: -1 Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament In Withdrawal
  • Submitted By: Michael Evans


  • How: Taking lots of damage from Raptidons
  • Effect: -1 Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament when near Raptidons
  • Submitted By: Green Mann


  • How: Taking lots of damage from Manti family creatires
  • Effect: Effect: -1 Dexterity, -1 Perception, -1 Temperament when near Manti’s
  • Submitted By: Green Mann

We’ll add more Flaws as we discover them.

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