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The Outer Worlds Task Guide

The Outer Worlds Task Guide
There’s plenty of side activities in Outer Worlds, called Tasks. This The Outer Worlds Task Guide tells you where to find all of the task quests we’ve discovered on our journey, alongside tips on completing the more difficult tasks and the rewards available for doing so.

The vast majority of The Outer World Tasks are simple enough to complete. Navigate to your journal and ensure the quest in question is set as your active quest, this places the objectives on your map and compass so you can locate them more easily. If quests offer more challenge or choice than simply chasing down an objective, will feature details on those aspects but for the more basic quests, we just include the basic information.

TIP: Before having important conversations or completing choice-based objectives, it’s always a good idea to save first. Just in case.

The Outer Worlds Task Guide

A Small Grave Matter (Edgewater)
Salvager In The Sky (Groundbreaker)
Flowers For Sebastian (Stellar Bay Monarch)
Mr Picketts Biggest Game (Stellar Bay Monarch)
Spratkings (Stellar Bay Monarch)
Mandibles Of Doom (Monarch Wilderness)
Makes Space Suits, Wont Travel (Byzantium)
All Halcyon In A Day (Byzantium)
Cupid Of The Laboratory (Byzantium)
Peril On Gorgon is the newest DLC for The Outer Worlds and it comes with choices. Check out this The Outer Worlds Peril On Gorgon Choices and Consequences guide to see what happens for most of the choices. This way you can make the right call on key choices.
Peril On Gordon is now available to purchase and download on all platforms. This guide on Where To Start Peril On Gorgon DLC In The Outer Worlds will explain the process you must follow in order to begin your adventure through the DLC as the game doesn't really give you any pointers.
Thomas asks you to find three Guide To Mechanical Engineering books in this side quest. This Outer Worlds - The Frightened Engineer Guide will tell you where to find each of the books, and how you can discover the clues to the whereabouts of each of the books locations.
A huge choice, do you redirect power to Edgewater or the Botanical Laboratory? This guide covers the choice of Redirect Power To Edgewater Or Botanical In The Outer Worlds, telling you the outcomes of each potential choice and the consequences of your actions.

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