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The Resistance Adventure Challenges In For The King 2

Each of the different Chapters in FTK2 comes with 3 unique Adventure Challenges. This guide on The Resistance Adventure Challenges In For The King 2 lists all of the Adventure Challenges for the first chapter in the campaign story, The Resistance.

The Resistance is the very first Chapter in the game, Chapter 1, and acts as the introduction to the Adventure Challenges. These are entirely optional challenges that provide you with additional rewards should you manage to complete them. In order to pass the Adventure Challenges objectives, each individual challenge must be 100% complete when you complete the mission. You don’t need to complete all three in one run, but the numbers don’t carry between runs.

The Resistance Adventure Challenges In For The King 2

If you want to complete all of the Adventure Challenges for The Resistance, you need to complete the following

Rush The Clock
You must complete the entire Chapter within 50 rounds or less. This is relatively easy.

Start The Revolution
You need to kill 25 Queensguard. These are enemies you can sometimes find on the map but most of the time they will attack you during story sections and Chaos moments. Make sure to farm them during the Chaos moments as the later Chaos features for this map do not include the Queensguard.

Find The Stranger
Finally, you must rescue the Alchemist. In the first area of The Resistance, when you’re told to search for someone in a Prison Wagon, search the area and you may hear someone call out for help. A text prompt appears at the bottom of the screen. If you do hear that call, head toward it and free the person from the Prison Wagon. This also unlocks the Alchemist.

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