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The Technomancer Choices And Consequences Guide

The Technomancer Choices And Consequences Guide
One of the most exciting elements of The Technomancer is the huge variety of choices you get to make during certain quests. These can drastically impact the outcome of quests, including everything from rewards to the death of characters that would otherwise survive. This The Technomancer Choices And Consequences Guide lists all of the more important choices you’ll encounter as well as basic information on what outcome each choice has. For more in-depth detail on quests themselves, check out our Technomancer Quests Guide.

Note: At one point in the story a lot of your actions come to light, so even if you manage to lie/convince your way through certain situations, the truth will come out. It’s best to base your actions in each quest on your personal choice, as opposed to the best rewards. The outcome of each individual quest can change things immediately but each decision you make has a drastic effect on the outcome of your experience.

[accordion initial=’999′] [accordion_item title=’Deserter Choices’]During the deserter mission you will eventually run into the leader of the deserters named Boris. You have to fight him at first but after you wear him down you will get three choices. Let Boris get away, arrest him or kill him. If you let Boris get away you get 1500 EXP and plus 2 karma but you fail the objective to kill the targets. when you return the the lieutenant and tell her Borris has escaped you will lose relationship points with the Abundance and the Army. You still get your pay.

If you choose to arrest him you will have to beat him down. You get the 1500 EXP and Eliza won’t be happy but you gain a rep for the army. You still get paid.

They want you to kill everyone so this is the option you are supposed to do. If you kill Boris you get his rifle and 1500 EXP. David will get really upset and leave, Jeffery will stay. Make sure you kill all the other deserters before you kill Boris if you choose this route, after he dies you can fail the other part if any are still alive. This will also unlock a side quest to find David. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Break The Opposition – Keep The Bomb Or Arrest Her?’]During the quest Break The Opposition you have to hunt down a bomb and stop it before it explodes. When you reach the location you have a choice. Keep the bomb and let the woman escape or refuse and arrest her. If you take the bomb and let her escape you get +2 Karma and 10 reputation with The Opposition as well as 2,000 experience points.

If you choose to arrest her you will have a fight on your hands. After the fight another choice will pop up, arrest her or kill her. If you arrest her you will get Bulgakov’s Gun(Nail Gun), 1000 Exp and you lose 5 Rep with The Opposition. If you choose to kill her you get Her Dagger and gun, 1k EXP, lose 10 Rep with The Opposition and lose 2 Karma. Both her Dagger and her Gun take 3 Agility to use. The gun was decent but at the cost of 3 Agility I felt like I’d have much better choices down the line for both weapons so I wouldn’t let that be your decided factor in this.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Under Surveillance – Tell Him to Leave Or Shoot Him?’] During the Under Surveillance you discover that one of your soldiers is a spy. During the quest you have the option to tell him to leave or shoot David. If you tell him to leave David will leave and not be available. You get +10 reputation with David Ward and +2 Karma.

If you choose to shoot him you will have to beat him in combat first. After you beat him you can loot his Mace and Shield and both take two strength to wield. Drain his serum and you will lose 1 Karma.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Fighting For Abundance – Speaking With Captain Eliza Major’] If you begin this quest you cannot do any more side content or missions. As you progress through the main story you’ll speak with Captain Eliza Major. She goes over a lot of the quests you’ve done and asks you to explain your actions. Below are the list of questions she asks and the potential outcome. Note: Some of these will be the same regardless as it’s your choices earlier that impact this outcome.

Question 1
Take responsibility for one’s sympathy for the mutants: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Accuse Viktor of lying: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Question 2
Try To Convince Eliza: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation (if successful)

Take responsibility for not mentioning the site: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Defend oneself and attack Viktor: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Question 3

Try To Convince Eliza: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Take responsibility: +1 The Abundance Army Reputation

Protest: -1 The Abundance Army Reputation
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’A Safe Haven – Encourage Niesha or Intervene?’] Towards the end of the objective to escape you are given a choice. Niesha is aiming a weapon at Jeffrey and you can choose to either Encourage or Intervene. If you choose to intervene you get +2 Karma.

If you encourage her you will get -1 Karma and get -1 with the army, as if wiping out 30+ soldiers wasn’t enough. Amelia will also be upset because Niesha is pushy after she shoots Jeff.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Under The Orders Of A Merchant Prince – Subterfuge – Explain The Situation (Refuse Dandolos Plan) or Attack (follow the plan)’] During the main quest you’ll have to Aurora’s Shadow Path. When you arrive you are given the choice to either Explain The Situation (Refuse Dandolo’s Plan) or Attack (follow the plan). If you decide to Explain the situation you are given a key and can grab the uniforms without killing anyone, you also get +3 Reputation with Noctis. However, it’s very likely this decision will come to light later when Dandolo goes over the choices you made.

If you attack (follow the plan) – You will have to face off with some Technomancers. These guys are a bit tougher then the average enemy so be wary about rushing in. On the last section a bunch of Mutants will attack as well. I sat back and let them then each other out and then went in to clean up the mess. You will get +3 Rep with Noctis after you get all the clothes.

When you return to Dandolo there are two other options to choose. You can either Lie and say everything went as expected or you can reveal the negotiation with Aurora’s Technomancers. If you reveal the truth you get -1 Noctis Reputation.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Under The Orders Of A Merchant Prince – A Worm In The Apple – Accept The Deal And Serum or Refuse’]During the quest A Worm In The Apple you’ll have to return to Anton and make a decision. You can either accept the deal and serum or refuse.

If you accept the serum and the deal you get 200 serum. You can lie or tell him about the pact with the Mob. If you lie you lose 2 Rep with Noctis and the same with telling him about the Pact. Either way you get your experience.

If you decided to refuse Anton Rogue says he men will not help you against Viktor and you have to return the information to Dandolo.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’The Peoples Assembly’]This is a multi choice part. The first option is based on Charisma and you either are successful with it or not. You only need to get three of the options right to get the people to turn on Viktor, if you can get the Charisma one then only two are needed.

The second choice is on corruption. If you Deny the attempted Bribery the member will agree with what you say and you can move on to the next option.

If you confirm the attempted bribery it will cost you 100 and the assembly member will be offended and say his vote is not for sale.

The third choice is about Methods of Viktor’s Population. There are no options for these last two but you need them to get Viktor tossed out anyways.

The last choise is talking about how the Army is getting weaker. This will send them over the edge and Viktor will pay the price. I’m not even sure if you can fail this option, I think it’s another illusion of choice situation.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Hello Earth – This is Mars’]At the end you will have to make a few choices after finding out what happened to Earth. No matter what you pick, you will get a recap of all the choices you made throughout the game.

Not revealing the Destruction of Earth and becoming a Great Master of Technomancers – You will keep the secret about earth and try to lead Mars to a better future. This will allow the Technomancer’s to thrive and grow under your leadership.

Revealing the destruction of earth and joining Noctis – Revealing the destruction of earth will cause people to panic and civil wars to break out. Joining up with Noctis will allow it to thrive with you there.

Revealing the destruction of Earth and joining Mutant Valley – This will make the corporations mad and most of the Technomancers will flee. Hope comes with it though, as other scientists find a way to make more Technomancers.

None of these choices matter that much outside of getting trophies or achievements because this is the end of the game.

[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

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