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The Technomancer Choices And Consequences Guide

The Technomancer Choices And Consequences Guide
One of the most exciting elements of The Technomancer is the huge variety of choices you get to make during certain quests. These can drastically impact the outcome of quests, including everything from rewards to the death of characters that would otherwise survive. This The Technomancer Choices And Consequences Guide lists all of the more important choices you’ll encounter as well as basic information on what outcome each choice has. For more in-depth detail on quests themselves, check out our Technomancer Quests Guide.

Note: At one point in the story a lot of your actions come to light, so even if you manage to lie/convince your way through certain situations, the truth will come out. It’s best to base your actions in each quest on your personal choice, as opposed to the best rewards. The outcome of each individual quest can change things immediately but each decision you make has a drastic effect on the outcome of your experience.

Deserter Choices
Break The Opposition - Keep The Bomb Or Arrest Her?
Under Surveillance - Tell Him to Leave Or Shoot Him?
Fighting For Abundance - Speaking With Captain Eliza Major
A Safe Haven - Encourage Niesha or Intervene?
Under The Orders Of A Merchant Prince - Subterfuge - Explain The Situation (Refuse Dandolos Plan) or Attack (follow the plan)
Under The Orders Of A Merchant Prince - A Worm In The Apple - Accept The Deal And Serum or Refuse
The Peoples Assembly
Hello Earth - This is Mars

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