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The Technomancer Companions Guide – Locations, Bonuses & Relationship Quests

The Technomancer Companions Guide - Locations, Bonuses & Relationship Quests
There are many different companions you can recruit in The Technomancer. This The Technomancer Companions Guide lists the locations of all the companions we discovered in the game, information on the bonuses they provide your team and details on quests relating to each character to improve the relationship and unlock new quests.

Most of the Companions that you can recruit in The Technomancer can be found at Team Building points scattered across the game world, marked by the torso & head symbol on the map. This is also where you need to go to switch team members at any point. You can also check a Companions stats, passive bonuses and relationship bonus.

David Ward
Jeffrey Hunter
Scott Seeker
Amelia Reacher

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