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The Technomancer Quest Guide

The Technomancer Quest Guide
Check out this detailed The Technomancer Quest Guide for details on all of the main and secondary quests in The Technomancer including solutions to completing the difficult parts, outcomes of quests based on decisions, rewards and more.

A lot of the quests in The Technomancer feature choices you can make that often alter the outcome, change relationships with companions and influence rewards. We haven’t included those here so you can use the guide without coming across major spoilers but if you would like to see potential outcomes before completing a quest, use this guide alongside our Technomancer choices and consequences guide.

The Technomancer Quest Guide – Main Quests

Finding Earth
Fighting For Abundance
A Safe Haven
Under The Orders Of A Merchant Prince
The Harder They Fall

The Technomancer Quest Guide – Secondary Quests

A Soldiers Bitterness
A Nasty Invasion
Combat Drug
A Professors Worries
The Feeling Of Being Followed
Arena Champion
Unequal Combat
A Missing Girl
Gun Running
Extortion Under Threat
A Bothersome Witness
Contraband Recovery
Just On The Market
A Memory Problem
A Bodyguard For A Merchant
Scattered Clients
Souvenir For A Mother
Marks Of The Past
Crowds Of Beggars
The Explorers Father
A Friend Under Pressure
Miracle Healing
Strange Fruit
Wind Turbine Robbery
A New Great Master
Counter Ambush
Bloody Revenge
Underground Newspaper
Scotts Son
A Well In The Desert
Help The Rebel Slaves
The Voice Of The Ancestors

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