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The Technomancer Quest Guide

The Technomancer Quest Guide
Check out this detailed The Technomancer Quest Guide for details on all of the main and secondary quests in The Technomancer including solutions to completing the difficult parts, outcomes of quests based on decisions, rewards and more.

A lot of the quests in The Technomancer feature choices you can make that often alter the outcome, change relationships with companions and influence rewards. We haven’t included those here so you can use the guide without coming across major spoilers but if you would like to see potential outcomes before completing a quest, use this guide alongside our Technomancer choices and consequences guide.

The Technomancer Quest Guide – Main Quests

Finding Earth
Fighting For Abundance
A Safe Haven
Under The Orders Of A Merchant Prince
The Harder They Fall

The Technomancer Quest Guide – Secondary Quests

A Soldiers Bitterness
A Nasty Invasion
Combat Drug
A Professors Worries
The Feeling Of Being Followed
Arena Champion
Unequal Combat
A Missing Girl
Gun Running
Extortion Under Threat
A Bothersome Witness
Contraband Recovery
Just On The Market
A Memory Problem
A Bodyguard For A Merchant
Scattered Clients
Souvenir For A Mother
Marks Of The Past
Crowds Of Beggars
The Explorers Father
A Friend Under Pressure
Miracle Healing
Strange Fruit
Wind Turbine Robbery
A New Great Master
Counter Ambush
Bloody Revenge
Underground Newspaper
Scotts Son
A Well In The Desert
Help The Rebel Slaves
The Voice Of The Ancestors

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  1. You’re missing the quest “Holy Theft” given by the preacher in Noctis once the Vory appear there.

    The quest “Scott has disappeared” could also be listed.

    1. Can you tell me how do I unlock the chapel door in Underworks? I am stuck here since 3-4 hours. I have finished every other quest.

      1. You don’t unlock them from the underworks. You go up through the door that’s showing a ! on your map to the…NE I think? That leads to the exchange. It’s on the temple/barracks side. You go into the temple that way. You EXIT through that door.

        1. yeah i figured that out. Could you tell me where do I find Gloria in Noctis? Neisha’s sidequest.

          1. There is a door in the room with the zoologist that is hard to see. It is located on the wall by the quest icon. It is between two columns.

  2. Is this….all of them? All the interviews and stuf fwith spiders said the main quest is 35 hours, 50+ with side quests. I’ve done all the sidequests, watched all the cutscenes, even restarted 9 hours in because I didn’t like staff. I’m apparently almost done with the game 11 hours in.

  3. In The Allies Quest, you can have the Vory or Dandolo, the army or the opposition. If you choose the Vory, Neisha leaves the group no matter how friendly (I do not know if romance completion changes this). During the “Help escaped mutants back to the valley” portion of the beginning of Zach’s arrival to Mutant Valley, if you follow Scum and Phobos to take out Cain’s men BEFORE returning to the canyon for Scott (once you collect the errant mutants, you cannot enter the camp where Scott is being held – and there is no way to get to Scott before rescuing the mutants) you will fail to free Scott (the mission). He’ll show up near the travel point in mutant valley the next time Zach tries to leave. Player loses two rep with him as a result.

    1. I cant figure out where the hell Scott is. The only quests I even have are to investigate his dissapearance and wait for the translation. Only person that says jack about it is Dandalo and he pretty much says “lol I dunno”

      1. Ok you can’t find Scott until you advance the main plot and have to leave Noctis. You’ll find him in a prison camp in the place where you go to rescue the mutants.

  4. for the quest A new great master first man in space was Yuri Gagarin not john glenn even thou in game they made a typo and called him Youri so something

  5. In the quest “A New Great Master” the answer 3 is not “John Glenn” but “Youri Gargarine”

  6. where is the polar expedition mission ?
    i got enverything but i dont know how to start it (how to get there)

    1. give back the serum -> -3 rep with noctis
      keep the serum -> -3 rep with noctis
      give the seurm to dandolo and denounce the priest -> +3 rep with noctis (and a curse from the priest)

  7. bloody revenge is not bugged you need to be in crouch position to start spying on the girls so it might of seemed bugged but it wasn’t i had the same issue until i crouched and right away you get the x button to start the quest .

  8. None of this is even accurate AT ALL… i can’t even do the scotts son queest, nor the one where you need help from the rescued technomancers, is my game glitched or something because i have been trying to figure it out for fucking hours and still NOTHING!

    1. First 20hours of gameplay was fun, now i just do not know what to even do anymore as its not letting me do anything, and the side mission about patience also, thats not working either, thinking on selling this now tbh

  9. Pls I need help, idk if I should kill all the people to take serum from her bodies or don’t lose karma, I need that karma for some reason usefull??? excluding

    allies relation, can I have good relation with an ally having bad karma?? sorry for my english

  10. In the mission “crowd of beggars” if you kill the smuggler you have -1 rep with voris when you talk with Anton Rogue

  11. I gor all right apart from final test and now there’s an exclamation mark above her head but I can’t talk to her? Fuck this shit game

  12. So I’m doing the Polar Express mission I found the key to the secret room & opened it what do I do now & the game won’t let me leave the rover hanger at all

  13. The Harder They Fall > Mr. Watcher’s Shady Affairs > Get Information about the blackmail from the prostitutes.

    I’m stuck here. I can’t talk to the NPC.

  14. I got the quest to go get the doctor’s research to fix andrew’s arm, but then when I went back to him, it wasn’t in my inventory and I don’t have an option to give him the research! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do from here but I’m just lost. What happened? Glitch? Or am I just an idiot and missing what I need to do? HALP!

  15. Does anyone know how to get veronica to talk about the professor’s disappearance? It says take Scott with me to convince her but it doesn’t give me the option and my charisma and science convince options failed.

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