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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Tips And Tricks Guide

The Walking Dead No Man's Land Tips And Tricks
Surviving in The Waling Dead No Man’s Land can be a difficult task for those unprepared. Bringing the right tools and people for the job will be the difference between life and death. Check out these The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Tips And Tricks to make it easier on yourself.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land Tips And Tricks Guide

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If you know of any tips, be sure to leave a comment to help others out!

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew – The game isn’t about killing Walkers, its about surviving. When there are to many enemies and you can’t win, just go for the check point. You can lose your survivors permanently and it can really hurt your team. Pick smart fights, don’t get surrounded and run when you need to!

Killing More Means More Experience – On the other hand… More dead Walkers mean more experience. If you see a bunch of Walkers and think you can win, go for it! Sometimes all you need to do is find a tight spot and camp and wait for them to come to you. Put your melee in front and have your rifleman in the back taking them down in a line. Remember if you don’t use their movement points they will attack when a Walker gets near.

Build Multiple Farm Plots At The Base – I personally have 3 upgrade Farm Plots currently and plan to upgrade with more. Farms will net you extra Supplies which are used to upgrade building and buy more. The sooner you can fill out your camp the better upgrades for survivors you will have. They are cheap to make and pretty cheap to upgrade as well.

Clear Out Junk In Your Camp – This isn’t always needed but it will get you more room. The first couple are cheap to clear but the more you clear the more it will cost. If you plan to put down alot of farms like me, you need to clear the junk from your camp.

Bring A Balanced Team – All Riflemen might seem great in theory but they can quickly get over run due to their lower HP. Bringing a Scout, Bruiser and Hunter is the best early team to have. The Bruiser can stop and prevent Walkers from moving for a turn. The Scout can move far and has solid damage. The Hunter is best when enemies are in a line and he can hit them all. I like to set my Bruiser up front, the Scout next to the Bruiser and the Hunter behind them. This way when Walkers come at me, I have a good counter system ready.

Don’t Forget About Skills! – As you kill Walkers your survivors will charge up special skills. For instance the Scout has Brain Stab which is a guaranteed critical hit on their next strike. Using these at the right time could mean surviving a tough fight or losing one of your best survivors.

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for more updates!

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