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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Guide: Dealing With Walkers

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In The Walking Dead Survival Instincts there are tons of walkers and not nearly enough ammo to kill all of them. The biggest issue isn’t the lack of ammo but the fact that the walkers respawn after you leave the area. This guide will help you deal with the walkers without having to bring them down on top of you. Let’s get started.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Killing Walkers Guide

As stated above the walkers will respawn after a while and melee weapons don’t one hit kill until later in the game. The AI in the game isn’t that smart though so avoiding them is pretty simple.

Dealing With Walkers


Method 1 – The Car Jump
By far the best method to avoid being over ran by a horde is to jump on a car or truck. The walkers in this game cannot climb and apparently can’t swing up or grab up so if you are above them they can’t hurt you. This method also applies for train cars and the occasional box or dumpster. You may have to crouch to kill the walkers but it beats getting killed, you can also just run and jump over them if you don’t want to sit there all day.

Method 2 – Shove and Backstab
This is more for 2-3 walkers as opposed to a herd. As the name suggests you simply push a walker back and strafe behind them to stab them in the back. You need to be sure not to push them into something you can’t get around like a wall or fence. You can also use a flare or bottle to distract them and then sneak attack them.

Knife to Eye
Method 3 – Stealth
Honestly with how weak the melee weapons are in this game and how loud the guns are sometimes the best option is to just sneak. Bottles and flares were made so you could go just that, simply toss them in the direction you don’t want to go and wait for the walkers to go over. Be careful not to be to close or else they might just spot you instead of going towards the noise!

Method 4 – Let them grab you
What? Let the walkers grab me? But why? Pretty simple actually this is a one hit kill when you get the trigger right and they simply connect to the rest of the walkers. I’ve had it where I killed 12 without even taking half my hp. Just so you know if you don’t want to be caught in this type of situation you can kill one them spam push to get them off of you. This is a very boring method but it does work.

Method 5 – Just run
Out running walkers is very simple even though you run out of stamina fast without the perk you get from beating the game. Even when you are out of stamina you can push the walkers away and simply strafe past them as they shamble by you. Another boring method but really with how quick they respawn you don’t always have a lot of options.

Hammer Time!

Method 6 – And my axe!
Once you get the fire axe and the sledge-hammer you can finally start one hitting walkers with power attacks. Honestly it is nice to release a bit of frustration on the walkers this way being as you had to avoid most of them earlier. One power hit with an axe and say bye-bye to a walker head!

That will end The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Killing Walkers Guide, if you know another method leave a comment and we will be sure to add it!

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