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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Guide: Survivor Guide

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Throughout The Walking Dead Survival Instincts you will come across survivors who join your crew or give supplies, the ones that join able to scavenge supplies for you while you do missions. This is very helpful since you are constantly running out of gas and the missions don’t hold much. This guide will help you find the survivors as you go. So let’s get started.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Survivor Guide

Just as a heads up you won’t be able to bring every survivors with you, the cars have limited seats and more than once you will have to switch rides. Look at the extras e\menu to see who you want to end the game with for unlockables.

Seldia Survivors


Jimmy Blake
In order to get Jimmy to join you, you will need to find him some batteries for his radio. The batteries are located in the second floor storage room of the police station, which is located across the street from the gas station. In order to get inside of the police station you will need to use the back door, so take the alley around back.

Deputy Kessler
Kessler is found on the second floor of the police station locked in a cell, he is guarding a weapon stash. After you talk to him he will ask you for some food in exchange for some of the stash. The food is in the grocery store connected to the pharmacy, check the back corner for a zombie and the food. Return it to Kessler then check the opening of the cell for some ammo.

Warren Bedford
Warren is the survivor that is locked inside the gas station. You will need to get the key from his uncle over in the trailer park, and of course there are quite a few walkers between you and there. You will have no choice but to fight your way over there. Once you get to his uncle he is over course turned so you have to kill him, when he dies the keys just drop out of his hand so check the floor around him to find them. At this point a bunch of walkers spawn and you have to get back to the gas station, I ran but if you want to fight that is your call.

Once there talk to Warren again and he will tell you to start the generator, which is to the right of the gas station behind a gate. Once you start the generator a bunch of noise will come so you will have to clear out a few more walkers, from there hold the action button on the pump until your can fills up. After that you can beat the level, and trust me the best method is to run and gun, do NOT get caught up.

Mountain Survivors

Dead Walker

This is actually a stop I made on the highway, I had the option to skip it or search the area. Once you make it to the gas station in the area go around the building and up the ladder to find Sarah on the roof. She will join you if you can get her some food supplies. Turn around and cross the ladder to the other building and enter, in the back corner by a walker you can find the food supply.

Garwater Survivors


Deputy Lee
As soon as you pull up to the area you will see the cop next to his car, speak to him and he will give you a double barrel shotgun and your next objective. You will not return to him so he is useless outside of getting the gun.

Pemberton Survivors


John Ed Turner
In the back of the police station you will find the sheriff’s office and inside you will find John. He wants you to go check the motel where he sent his deputies and check on them. The motel isn’t to far away but there are at on of walkers on the path, the best method is to sneak past and execute the ones you have to. After you check the room with the dead deputies you can return to the police station and talk to John, again sneaking is the best option.

Fontana Survivors


In the back of the dinner you will find Scout. Scout will want you to find her team member named Mia, who is across the street in the theater. In order to get over to the theater you will have to go out into the herd, just run for the entrance and crawl under to avoid any walkers chasing you. From there head to the door that has the two walkers pounding on it then up the stairs after Mia. After you speak with Mia you will want to return across the street to Scout for your rewards, be sure to check the freezer for a machete.

Oakview Survivors


Create a Blockade
this is given to you once you go through the hole in the fence. you simply have to push the car to block the main entrance of the gate to complete this objective.

Food Supply
Once you make it into the main building with the ladder to the roof, check the corner near the fridge for some bonus food supplies.

Mike Swenson
Swenson is in the building opposite the one with the ladder to the roof. You will cross the roof and then drop down another ladder to talk to him and get the supplies for Merle. After you talk to him he says he will meet up with you when you leave so keep moving to get him to join you.

Taggart Survivors

Charlene Wilson
Charlene is in the projector room and part of the main quest so she cannot be missed. She will ask you to retrieve her cat from her house, in return you get a new set of wheels and can move on to the next level. Follow the objective marker and sneak past the walkers into the house, you can fight them but there are a ton and you will use up a lot of ammo. After you retrieve the cat return to Charlene for your keys.

Lemon Hill Survivors


Merle Dixon
Merle wants you to find some fire works to help deal with the walkers. The first bundle is located in the back alley, through the building with the broken window next to the bus. The next bundle is also located in the back alley but further down. Climb up the ladder to the roof and check the second roof for some more fireworks. While still on the same roof look for the gap that leads to a open door, jump that gap and take the bus to cross the road and get some fireworks. Below the ladder is a door and inside that door is another fireworks bundle. If you head out the other side of that room you will find another ladder and up that ladder is some more fireworks. Lastly near the first ladder and door, next to the dumpster you can find the last set of fireworks.

Archer Creek Survivors

Ugly Walker

Chris Brian
You need to talk with Chris in order to progress in the story. He will want you to go and flip the fuse box across the yard. Once you enter the yard a couple of npc snipers will clear out most the horde for you, run to the fuse box and flip it. Once you do that more will spawn so you will want to run back into the building and shut the door behind you. Chris will be gone and you will need to clear out the gate before you can leave the area. Go outside and let the snipers pick off the walkers since they can’t get through the gate, after that flip the switch and you will be able to beat the level.

Danvers Survivors


Sheila Schneider
After you unlock the security gate you will have access to the lab, inside the lab you will find Sheila. After you talk to her and end the level she will join you.

Sherwood Survivors

Boom headshot!

Jane Carroll
While you are searching houses you will come across one that is barricaded, inside you will find Jane. she will ask you to go across the street to talk to Harrison about her husband, head there and go to the bedroom to speak with Harrison. Once you get to the pharmacy head up to the roof and speak with Aiden. He will ask you to retrieve his bag from the garage, head back down the ladder and go to the way point. After you grab the bag you need to head back to Aiden, on the way back a gate will break and walkers will swarm you so run back to the ladder. Give the bag to Aiden and he will tell you to go get the other two survivors back in town. Run back to the houses and you will have a choice to make and end the level.

Terry Harrison
Once you speak to him for Jane he will ask you to go to the pharmacy to help his wife. As you progress through the level you will eventually come to the pharmacy on the road, approach it and a man will signal you over. Head inside and in the back near the exit you will find the antibiotics, return to Terry for a reward.

That will end The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Survivor Guide, check back soon for updates!

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