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The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Guide: Weapon Locations Guide

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Throughout The Walking Dead Survival Instincts you will find various weapons scattered throughout the game. Only a few of these are actually given to through the story but the rest you will need to find on your own. This guide will help you find them as you go. So let’s get started!

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct weapon location guide

Something I think everyone should understand is this game was not designed for you to constantly fight walkers. The melee weapons are very weak until later in the game and ammo is limited, stealth and running is your best bet. The reason I say this is because even if you clear out an entire map of walkers, leave the area and return and they will respawn.

Also I will only be listing the first spot you get the weapon since there is no reason to pick up multiples of the same weapon. There are multiple routes to take as well so you might be able to get them earlier in a different area.

Cabot Ridge Weapons

Shotgun Blast

Hunting Knife
This is found right at the start of the game and is used throughout, you cannot unequip the knife.

On the table next to Jess after you leave the bedroom.

Bolt Action Rifle
Next to the first can of fuel you can see the rifle leaning up against the table along with some extra ammo.

Sadalia Weapons

Hammer Smash

This is the first handgun in the game and can be found in the police station. Go in through the back and sneak attack the walkers inside, after that check the desk for the weapon.

Also on the second floor of the police station you can see the armory but it is locked. I saved every survivor I could find and I never got a code to open that door so I think it is meant to not be opened, if you found a way to get in please let me know in the comments.

Garwater Weapons

Ugly Walker

Double Barrel Shotgun
As soon as you arrive in Garwater speak with Deputy Lee, he will give you a double barrel shotgun and point you in the direction of some new wheels. Remember you will only get two shots off before you need to reload this weapon so don’t get caught in a swarm.

In the Ranger station next to the keys you will see a desk, on that desk is a grenade. Honestly they are not all that great but if you got a large swarm trapped it is fun to blow them up with a nade.

Fontona Weapons


After you find Mia in the theater you have the option of going back to the dinner for a reward. Once you get there you find that Scout has left you some keys to a car and is gone, check the freezer for the machete.

Lemon Hill Weapons


Hi-Power Handgun
When you are in the back alleys you will come to a building with a ladder connected to it and a door next to the ladder. Go through the door and clear out any walkers who get in your way, in the back room on the floor is the gun.

Lead Pipe
If you continue through that building and exit out the other door you will be in a different, smaller alley. Check at the end of the path for find the pipe.

Baseball Bat
While looking for fireworks for Merle you will jump from the roof to an open door that leads into a house. If you look on the counter in there you will find the bat, be ready as soon as you pick i up a walker will spawn.

This is a weapon that CAN kill in one swing with a power attack, be sure to figure out the timing so you don’t get hit by walkers. After you pass through the graveyard on the way to the church check the shed for the hammer.

Barksdale Weapons


Finally after all this time you get to play with the crossbow. After you enter the bar and get jumped you will need to retrieve your knife from a dead walker. Once you do that a walker will grab you and after you kill him you get the crossbow, remember you can retrieve bolts from dead walkers!

Puma4ko comment(Thanks again)
I found a Sledgehammer & a double-barrel shotgun in the donuts shop in Barksdale.

Lafferty Weapons

Knife kill

Fire Axe
Once you hop the fence and enter the building with Noah the axe can be found behind the counter on a shelf. this is also a one hit power weapon so figure out the timing if you want to use it.

Polksville Weapons


Semi-Auto Shotgun
Once you make it to the train and get the cut scene check the train cars for this gun. There will be a swarm after you but they can’t climb so all you have to do is go to one side and wait for an opening to jump out and go to another train car.

Semi-Auto Rifle
In a different train car you can find this weapon, along with a few grenades. There are also propane tanks you can use to eliminate huge groups of walkers.

Firesign Stadium Weapons


Assault Rifle
Right at the start of the level you will be attacked by walkers, proceed forward a bit until you see a sign. Under that sign is the gun and a bunch of ammo. This is the last level so don’t hesitate to use everything you got.

That will end The Walking Dead Survival Instinct weapon location guide, check back soon for more guides!

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