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The War Z Zombie Survival Guide

The War Z Zombie Survival Guide
If you’re looking to avoid zombies, escape zombies or kill zombies easily this The War Z Zombie Survival Guide will be your best friend. The world of The War Z is a cut-throat one, every player is out to kill you and take your stuff and every hungry zombie will stop at nothing to get a taste of your insides. So where does that leave the average player? Well Captain Camper has spent some time playing The War Z and created this Zombie Survival Guide to teach players how to avoid, escape from and kill the hordes of undead that inhabit the game world.

The War Z Zombie Survival Guide

If you want to avoid the zombies in The War Z, there’s a number of techniques you can deploy. Each are highlighted in the above video but if you want to check back or investigate a specific technique further, the below text guide will let you do that without the hassle of rewinding the video.

Stamina Management
Stamina is one of the most vital aspects of staying alive when confronted with zombies in The War Z. If you have over 80% stamina you can almost always guarantee an escape just by running out into the woods or outskirts of a town in a relatively straight line. High stamina will also be needed to utilize a number of the following techniques. As described in the video, use it wisely and rarely unless you’re certain you can build it back up before entering confrontation with players or an encounter with zombies.

Using Cars To Avoid And Kill Zombies
Cars are your best friend when you’re being chased by hordes of zombies. The majority of in-game car models work, although a few are glitchy so be sure to pay attention as you experiment. Basically all it involves is jumping on top of a car to ensure the zombies cannot attack you. Once you’re on top of the car you have a few options. If you’re armed, either with a gun or melee weapon, you can take them out with ease. I would suggest melee as it saves ammo, makes little noise and takes out the zombies just as quickly. If you’re not equipped with anything that can kill the zombies, standing on top of a car can still give you ample time to investigate your surroundings to use one of the other techniques or find an escape route.

Around The Block
This would be the best technique to use if you weren’t able locate any nearby cars. It’s quite simply, find a large exterior of a house or building and group up the zombies as closely together as possible. Then simply stick close to the edge of said building and run around to the third side. Pay attention to the noise zombies are making, there’s a clear change in the sound effect played for when a zombie has lost sight and aggro of the player.

Hoppity Hop
Another great method of losing zombies, and a rather simple one, is jumping. Using fences, staircases or anything else that can be jumped over is a great way to lose zombies. As demonstrated in the video, be sure to hop over a fence when you’re a good distance from the gate. This forces the zombie to travel to the entrance before following your footsteps. Be cautious around Barbed Wire, it’s not as easy to jump over and can get you in a real jam if you mistime your jump.

As mentioned in the video, if you’d like to see more The War Z content please post a comment below. Whether you’re stuck with a certain part of the game, want some tips and tricks, or have some cool information to share, we’d love to hear from you.

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