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The Witcher 3 Guide: Novigrad Side Quest Guide, Hidden Treasures & Witcher Contracts

The Witcher 3 Guide: Novigrad Side Quest Guide, Hidden Treasures & Witcher Contracts
Once you finish up with Velen you will move on to questing in Novigrad. The area isn’t quite as large as Velen but there are still tons of missable quests. This The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Novigrad side quest guide will help you find all the quests as you go!

The Witcher 3 Guide: Novigrad Side Quest Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Spooked Mare’]You get this quest from a peasant to the south east of Oxenfurt. If you leave out the east exit of Oxenfurt, take the road south and you will run into him. He will want you to find his horse and offers to pay. With your Witcher Sense, stay on the road until you find the tracks and follow them into the field. Once you get to the river cross to the other side and follow the tracks there. I ran into a pack of wolves while following the tracks so be ready for that.

Once you get to the end you will have some elves to fight. Kill them and then mount the grey horse and bring it back for your reward. I didn’t pick the right horse because I wasn’t paying attention and he told me it was grey. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’The Volunteer’]You begin this quest in Oxenfurt, the large town on the Eastern area of the map. Collect the quest from the Notice Board. If you haven’t already ensure you have unlocked the Oxenfurt Harbor fast travel point on the West side of the town, and then leave the town via the Western Gate Cross the water and head North to the shore, swimming across to the nearby island, at the White Eagle Fort fast travel point. Speak with the Troll at the location and when prompted, tell him you understand with the response “Wartime Rules”. He asks you to collect some paint. Fast travel to Oxenfurt Harbor pick up the Paint item from the nearby Merchant and then fast travel back to White Eagle Fort. Speak to the Troll again and when he asks, offer to do the painting for him. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Of Swords And Dumplings’]This quest is level 25 but you are able to complete it much lower. I actually completed the quest at level 13 on normal difficulty. You unlock the quest by speaking with the Blacksmith in Novigrad, he is also the Master Blacksmith for those looking for better weapons. Speak with him at the Blacksmith’s and accept his request. You’ll need to head to the docks at night to meet with a contact. During the conversation ask to negotiate then stay at 25 both times. When they leave tell them it’s fine, the deal is off.

Following that a group of bandits attack. Just try to avoid any damage and use your ranged abilities and weapons while the NPC with you kills them off. Return to the Blacksmiths. He will then ask you to find him a bodyguard to protect him when you’re gone. Follow the objective marker until you meet Sukrus, you’ll need to defeat him in a fist fight if you want him to hear you out. Despite the huge level difference, you can take him down easily.

You’re then asked to settle a debt before Sukrus will help you. Go the docks and speak with the Trader. If you haven’t already I suggest leveling Axii as it allows you to convince him to pay the debt without further trouble. Return to Hattori and you’ll learn of the next stage of this quest. He asks you to steal some equipment from Van Hoorn’s Warehouse after dark, Sukrus and some of his friends will provide aid. Follow the objective marker to the Van Hoorn’s Warehouse, and then speak to Sukrus outside when it’s in the darker hours of the day. After speaking with Sukrus and heading towards the objective, a couple of drunks will block your way. Again, use Axii to convince them to go home and there’s no problem.

When you reach the entrance to the warehouse you’ll again be given a conversational choice. Using the Axii option to force entry makes it simple. Head inside and use your Witcher Sense to mark the 3 crates. When you exit you’re given a timed conversation choice to fight or wait, I chose fight. Again, I was only level 13 doing this so don’t be concerned if they are 5-10 levels higher. Simply use your AI companions as the meat shields and throw in damage when you can. Be sure to use your weakening sign, Thunder potion and rear attacks for maximum effects. After the fight you finally complete the quest, unlocking the use of the Master Blacksmith. Speak with him afterwards and request your sword, then simply Meditate for 24 hours and collect it.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Fists Of Fury Novigrad’]Inside the tavern at Novigrad you’ll find another group of fighters battling for coin in the corner of the room. When you first speak with the organizer he asks if you want to throw the fight and simply says you will get “considerably more than if you win”. I declined gracefully and told Master Claytop to kiss my ass. Georgius George is the first opponent and be careful, he hits hard at lower levels. Be sure to hold counter as soon as the fight begins as he can lunged pretty quickly. Dispatch of Georgius and move on to the next target.

Next up is Archibald O’Niell. Follow the objective marker South and speak with the Bookie Patty Gruber, he’ll arrange your fight with Archibald O’Neill. If you’ve won all the previous fights in the Fists of Fury missions, you won’t have a problem. Last up is the Champion of Novigrad, Iron Mortimer. The Captain of the Guard Iron Mortimer couldn’t be further across the city if he wanted too. Take the long walk North to the objective and prepare for the final fight. As before, bet the maximum amount if you’re confident with your melee skills. Just when you think it’s over, there’s one more battle with the True Champion of Novigrad. A tailor..

The Novigrad title belongs to Durden the Tailor. He’s another long walk away, South of the city near the Portside Gate. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Lost Goods’]Far to the East of Hanged Man’s Tree is the large town of Oxenfurt (with the Western Gate and Novigrad Gate). Taking the South Western bridge out of the town and following the shoreline all the way to the South East, you’ll discover a treasure icon before reaching the boat and coastal buildings on the peninsula. Search the corpse for some Nilfgaardian Notes and then head North West to the target area. There’s a group of level 6 Drowner’s surrounding a chest. Dispatch of them and collect the disappointing treasure.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Fencing Lessons’]As you progress through the main campaign in Novigrad you will eventually meet a young lady by the name of Rosa Var Attre. During the Broken Flowers main story quest you’re tasked with getting access to the Var Attre Villa, to do this simply tell the guards that you are the new sword tutor when you arrive. They will let you in. Shortly after you will have a sparing match, just be sure to mention that you’re happy to teach her and will do again. Once the cut-scene is over it will unlock the quest Fencing Lessons.

Once you have the quest simply step outside the Villa and Meditate nearby for 24 hours. Once the time has passed approach the Captain in front of the house and explain that you’re there for another lesson. The first two decisions have no impact but I chose to force the gang to apologize after Rosa runs off and bumps into some thugs but again the other choices didn’t appear to end any differently. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Little Red’]You get this outside of Novigrad at Yantra. Go to the town and talk to the peasant who has the quest and agree to help. Wait until 6pm and Little Red and her band will appear. If you choose to kill her, she turns into a werewolf and you need to fight her whole band. The end result for this is 10 Crowns plus whatever you can get off the bodies.

If you let her do what she wants you get 20 Crowns and she runs off. My guess is something will happen later in the Village if you do this.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Novigrad Hospitality’]If you take the road north west of Yantra you will run into some bards you can talk to. Have a couple drinks with them and they steal you things. Head to the way marker and follow the foot prints to the back of the building. Once you catch them you can either just take your equipment back, or take theirs as well.

[accordion_item title=’Out On Your Arse’]While in Novigrad you can find a Strumpet down by the docks who has a quest. She wants you to help her deal with the guys in the bar. When you go inside you can either use Axii or the guy or fight him. I fought him one and one and beat him down. Go out and talk to the lady again and you can take the payment or let her keep it. If you take the money it is 15 Crowns.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Black Pearl’]There is a man behind the Golden Sturgeon down by the docks who gives this quest. This quest looks like it may be completed in The Skellige Isles so I will update when I go there.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Novigrad, Closed City’]If you take the road north from where you get the quest “Black Pearl” you can find a couple of bandits with a quest. Accept the quest and then follow the scent and the mini map. I follow it to a downed Witcher Hunter but I couldn’t interact with him. I left the area and then the Bandits went towards him.

You can let the Bandits have there way with the Witch Hunter and you apparently get paid, I didn’t see the number pop up. If you choose to help the Hunter you will have to kill the Bandits. Be careful if you do this there is a guard really close who you can hit. After you beat the Bandits you can bring the Witch Hunter to the clinic or not, either way the quest is over.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Merchant In Trouble’]You can find this quest near the Tretogor Gate. Talk to the Elves that have the guy on his knees to start this quest. You will have to make a choice, humans or Elves. If you tell the Elves they can’t do anything to him you will have to fight the Elves and you get 50 Crowns. If you let them do what they want you get nothing. This may unlock something later.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’The Dwarven Document Dilemma’]Talk to Rostan Muggs south of the Southern Gate to get this quest. Head to the search area and use your Witcher Sense to find a bottle. Follow the scent to a man at the Seven Cats Inn. You can either use Axii, play Gwent for them or use force. I played him in Gwent to get them, he has a Nilfgaard deck. Once you get the papers, return to the Dwarf for your reward.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’A Matter Of Life And Death’]This is one of the side quests available from Triss after you complete part of the main storyline. I mistook this for a main quest at first so I’ve forgotten some of the early objectives but they’re not difficult.

Once you’ve got to the stage where you’re tasked with buying the clothes for the event heard to the objective marker. When you arrive make sure to buy a mask for Triss, one for yourself and 3 items of clothing to fulfill the optional objective (pants, shirt, boots). This is a positive thing for Triss and may influence her Romance options later. Return to Triss with all the items equipped and she’ll make a comment about your efforts.

Head to the party straight away. When you arrive follow the objective markers and keep an eye out for a quest marker, it’s hard to miss. It’s a Gwent card quest and features some potentially powerful rewards.

When you speak with Mrs Vengelbud she will inform you that her son is wearing a Panther’s Mask and you’ll need to find him. He can be found sweet talking some ladies in a purple mask, in the Southern most objective marker on your mini-map. Continue following objectives until you switch masks. Shortly after you’ll be jumped by 3 enemies, it’s a fist fight so no weapons or other benefits. Take them out and the quest ends shortly after.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’A Deadly Plot’]You get this quest after the Triss side quests end. Head to the back of the Brothel and you will be brought up to Dijkstra. They want you to find a Redanion Liason near the Pontar. Talk to the guard and go to the next marker. The items you are looking for will be going into the woods from the road, so stay on the road until you spot them. Follow the tracks up to the Rock Troll guy and talk to him.

After you talk to him go over the hill and enter the Troll Cave. Inside you can either fight the Trolls or tell them you need Thaler to come with you. After you say that you can tell them he will only be gone a minute and you don’t have to fight them. Walk with Thaler back to his wagon and this part of the quest will be done. Should you ever need to find Triss’s house for quests or romance options, a friendly Steam user uploaded a map image you can see below.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Triss House Map Location

 The Witcher 3 Triss House Map Location
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Honor Among Thieves’]During the main story quest “Get Junior” you’ll have to play cards in a casino. Eventually you’ll be accused of cheating and taken upstairs for interrogation. When upstairs you’ll notice a beaten dwarf in the corner. Speak with him and choose the option to let Rico flee and you’ll be tasked with visiting the King of Beggars for a reward. Quest is simple, head to the King of Beggars. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’An Eye For An Eye’]This quest can be found on Vernon Roche, I unlocked it automatically when progressing through the main quest line and completing the stages of Get Junior to the point where you meet the king. Head to Roche’s hideout to continue with the quest. Offer to help him and meet at the objective marker to continue the quest.

When you arrive you’ll get ambushed by Nilfgaardian troops just outside the town. Run into the center of town and ignore the initial enemies that spawn. You’ll want to run into the center of the town as an NPC needs protecting and her life is low. Get closed and take out the enemies targeting her first. From there it’s a simple breeze to the finish.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’The Gangs of Novigrad’]You unlock this quest through story progression after you visit the bath houses and get tasked with finding Junior. You have to complete it before you progress through the Get Junior quest line otherwise you will automatically fail it. I failed it so you’re on your own here. Any advice or information, please leave a comment and we’ll update the guide.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Redanias Most Wanted’]When you finish the Get Junior quest line you’ll speak with King Radovoid, and he’ll ask you to hunt down Philippa, beginning this quest. Stick with the objectives until you reach Philippa’s hideout. When you arrive speak with the nearby Witch Hunters and they’ll hand you a stone, use this stone on the nearby door to open the wall. From there head through the portal. When you arrive at the next portal there’s a Portal Stone just behind you to the left, use the AARD spell on it to activate the portal.

In the next area you’ll find a lone Witcher Hunter, use the AXII conversational choice to take the stone from him then head to the next portal and immediately turn right and check the wall to your right. Place the stone there. In the next area kill the nearby enemies and grab another stone, repeat previous step.

Eventually you’ll encounter a Fire Elemental by the name of Ifrit. It’s another easy fight. Throw down your YRDEN trap and wait for Ifrit to step inside. Dodge his basic melee swipe and counter with 4-5 swings. Repeat until dead. Head into the room behind Ifrit and search for all the clues using your Witcher Sense. After that return the way you came but this time activate the portal on the right. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Now Or Never’]After you complete the quest line for “Get Junior” and you meet with the king on his boat, you’ll be passed a note by a nearby merchant. Read the note to unlock this quest. When you read the note you’ll learn that Triss needs help. Go to her house and speak with her. You’re given a rather impactful choice here. You can either choose to save Anisse and Berthold, or save the others and leave them to die. I chose the lesser of the evils and picked to help everyone.

It’s a simple quest. Follow the objective marker through the sewers and take out the Drowner’s on the way. You’ll encounter a Vampire a short distance in but it’s an easy fight. Lay down your weakness trap and it dies in 2-3 hits. Continue through to the docks and take out the Witch Hunters. Next time you speak with Triss you have a conversation choice. If you ask her to stay you can have a romance option with her, if you wish her farewell she may leave however if you kissed her at the Masquerade Ball in a previous quest, she MAY change her mind and come back from the boat. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’A Deadly Plot’]After the mages escape from Novigrad Dijkstra approaches you and asks for your help with the assassination of the king. Follow the objective to the Redanian Liason at the Border Post, South of Novigrad and South of Drahim Castle. After the conversation head South East and head towards the objective marker. Use your Witcher Sense to locate the cart, it’s on the North West side. Follow the clues to the troll and ask about the shoes.

From there locate the troll cave and venture inside. When you discover the shoemaker Thaler and the two trolls inside the cave, approach. If you want to avoid combat entirely you can choose the non-hostile answers and the trolls will let you leave to find more leather for their shoes. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Of Dairy And Darkness’]This is a quest unlocked in Novigrad. Inside the city search the Northern most area. You’ll see St. Gregory’s Bridge, a short distance to the South East is a Notice Board. In the building directly North West of the Notice Board is a merchant, speak with him to begin this quest. When you get the quest you’ll need to far to the East of Oxenfurt, North East of the Crossroads fast travel point. Head to the ruins of the house and inspect inside to find a Pentagram. Go to the next floor and loot the chest and read the nearby note on the ground.

Once you’ve found these clues return to Novigrad and speak to the Merchant. You need to buy the 2 figurines, the Lizard Figurine and the Jade Figurine. From there fast travel back to the East and return to Aeramas’ Abandoned Manor. Activate the Pentagram and go through the portal. Once inside stick to the left wall so that you avoid the cheese, and then climb the ramps at the back of the room. Swim North when you reach the sunken chamber and continue round until you see the lit area. Jump to it and kill the nearby Fogling before activating the illusion wall. Take all the loot inside and then check the small table behind you for a Bull Figurine inside a Lock Box.

Go through the next portal into the room with the large red force field. Check to the right for a small pedestal. Use Agni to activate. Check the same place on the opposite side of the room for an illusion wall, then repeat the Agni spell to activate that also – releasing the red shield. Loot the sword and figurine to complete the quest and open the escape.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Gwent: Playing Thaler’] After you escort Thaler and finish up his quest you can play Gwent with him. He uses the Scoia’tael deck. He has Geralt as one of his cards which is a 15 hero, if you beat him you get Geralt.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Cabaret’]You can get this from Dandelion after you do the story quests with him. Talk to him and agree to help him and you will need to get a prop sword from Madame Irina. Once you get the sword, go meet Dandelion after dusk to get the new part of the quest. Here you can either read from the cards or do other lines at Dandelion, either way you fight him at the end. It’s all part of the plan and he goes down in one hit. You will have to make a choice for Dandelion here. You can either go with the Theater type of the Boudoir type. I chose Theater and he didn’t seem to mind.

Go meet Dandelion and talk to him at the door. Use your Witcher sense to find the second key and open the door. Inside you can let Dandelion explain or you can just beat down the husband. The next choice is pretty much the same, if you don’t beat him down he does see it your way and lets her go. After that you will need to go get some Placards for Dandelion. You will have to fight two bandits with your fists.

Keep your guard up and go up the stairs, they can corner you down below. Once you take the first one out the second one is alot easier. After that warp to the next marker for the quest and talk to the halfling. You will either have to win a race or pay 200 Crowns to get the Placard. I raced him and won for them. Return to Dandelion and you can choose to have a drink with him if you want.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Carnal Sins’] After the drink with you will need to go to the hospital and down to the morgue. You will have to fight some Drowners on your way there but if you are the right level it won’t be a problem. When you get to the morgue you will be looking for a Dwarf corpse. After you examine the body you will have to pick if you want to tell the doctor or not. After that you get even more to do… the quest that just keeps giving.

First you should go talk to Eustace and use Axii to get the info out him, hit him if you don’t like his choices. Next it off to where the wood cutter died, examine the area and read the quest note. Also check the two red spots on the floor for extra info. Talk to the Dwarf and ask him to open up the workshop for you. Check the red spots in the workshop and then move on to the alley.

On your way you to the alley you will find out there is another victim. Check the are and read the note again. This time some random poor people will try to fight you, counter attack works well here. After that a whore will talk to you and give you more info about what’s going on. Go back to the coroner to check out the second body.

Now that you know who the next victim is warp to the estate. Talk to the guard at the gate to get in. Follow the daughter up to the mother’s room and the murderer will run out. You have to chase him but of course yo have to fight a bunch of things on the way. While you are fighting the guards you get caught and then you have to go somewhere else.

Warp back to Novigrad and go to Crippled Kates. The woman you are looking for is on the third floor. If you ask him why he does it he will say its for pleasure. He will reveal the real killer if you ask him who left the note. After that you can let him do what he wants to the girl or Axii him away. Go the the warehouse and inside you will find your true enemy. The high Vampire is weak to Vampire oil and Igni, fire bombs are also good. He will disappear and try to rush you and attack, roll out of the way of these. I used my fire bombs and when he was cowering I’d blast him with more Igni.

Return to Dandelion and this quest is finally complete.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’An Eye For An Eye’]You get this from Vernon Roche after you talk to him for one of the story missions. Go to his hideout and agree to help him to start this quest. Warp to the hanged tree to meet with Roche and to start the fighting. I used mind control for the first time in this mission, works pretty well. I didn’t notice until she was almost dead but watch out for Ves’ HP bar, if she dies you lose. After that battle you have a choice, let the last solider live or kill him.

If you let him live he says something like “Thanks I won’t forget this” but nothing comes of it right away. If you kill him he begs for his life and Roch kills him. My guess is this has something to do with Roche later, I have no idea what either does at the moment.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Gwent: ‘][/accordion_item]

The Witcher 3 Guide: Novigrad Contract Quest Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion_item title=’Contract: The Oxenfurt Drunk’]This quest is collected from a Notice Board in Oxenfurt, it’s the large town in the Eastern area of the map, East from Hangman’s Tree and Codgers Quarry. Talk to the quest giver and barter for gold, I got 300 out of him. Go talk to the witness and either pay her or use Axii to get the info. Check the search area and you can find a bracelet near the brazier. After that go talk to the medic and check the bodies inside.

After that get drunk and walk around until the guards start talking to you. You can pay them if you want but you don’t have to. Keep walking until you run into your enemy. Gael is a vampire and it is weak to Moon Dust, Devil’s Puffball, Vampire Oil, Igni and Yrden. You are going to be fighting drunk so be ready for that. You have to injure him a bit before you will need to chase him down again. I used Igni and swung a few times to get the next part.

You can see him with your Witcher sense as the blinking red thing, follow it. This is a good time to meditate and buff your armor and weapons if you haven’t already. He will end up at the hut by the river, use the ladder to get inside. Fighting him in the house way actually much easier for me. I just tossed a Dancing Star grenade at him and use Igni and he lost HP super quick. Once you beat him, loot the body and collect your reward.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Contract: The Creature From Oxenfurt Forest’]This contract is coupled with The Oxenfurt Drunk contract that you get from the large town in the East, Oxenfurt. It’s also a high level at level 35, so I’ll have to update this once I reach the appropriate level range.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Contract: The White Lady’]You can find this quest on the remains of a body in the basement of Drahim Castle. You can find the castle in the North Western area of the map, over the river and North of the Border Post and Hindhold. You can also find it on the Notice Board in Farcorners. I done this one backwards as I found all the clues before arriving at the town. They are all located at Drahim Castle. Once discovered return to Farcorners and speak with the quest giver to receive a dagger. Then simply return to the nearby objective marker and interact with the fire. This is similar to all previous quests relating to Wraiths, simply weaken, dispatch and done. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Contract: Doors Slamming Shut’] You get this form the board in Novigrad. Go to Kurt Dysarl on the second floor of the building to talk to the quest giver. I was able to get 300 out of him on my first try, you can try to go higher. Head to a travel point and go to the closest marker you have for the mansion.

Feel free to loot anything in the mansion and then head downstairs. Use Aard on the walk down there to break through it. In the next are you can find a branch and a journal you should check out, read the journal once you get it. You will be facing a boss Earth Elemental that is weak to the Dimeritium Bomb and Elementa Oil. Jump into the water and use you Witcher sense to find a switch you need to hit, it’s not under water it’s on a ledge you need to jump up to.

This guy is pretty strong and you are forced to fight in a small space. Most magic is pretty useless against him so keep Quen on yourself in case you mess up. I would toss a Dimeritium bomb at him and attack. I would keep hitting until he would swing or jump and I would roll out of the way. When he jumps he does a ground slam, roll away from him when that happens. When he swings roll under him and hit him from behind. It is a boss fight so it can take awhile. Loot the body and return to the quest giver.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Contract: An Elusive Thief’] – You get this from the Novigrad notice board. Go to the marker during the day and talk to Sylvester. I was able to get 290 out of this guy. The trail starts to the left of the stall and heads into the city. At the end of the foot prints, check the ground for the search grid to change. Follow the marks to the bridge and jump down into the moat. From there follow the marking into a house with the door already open.

In the house grab the letter and read it. Upstairs you can find some clothes on the ground for the next part of the quest. The Doppler only has one weakness and that is the Relict Oil. follow the scent to the Temple Guard that is actually a Doppler. After you interact with him you will have to chase him down. After you catch him he will change into you and you will have to fight. Since he is a human you can block most his attacks.

Then you will have to make a choice, kill him or let him leave. If you choose to kill him he will fight back with a sword. Since he is still a human you can block his attacks still. After he is dead you can get his trophy and return for your reward.

If you let him leave he will give you two Diagrams and 215 Crowns. You will not get his head, which increases gold earned by 5%. You can still return to the contract giver and claim his reward as well. Without the trophy he will only give you half the reward though. My guess is we might run into the Doppler again in the future. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Contact: Deadly Delights’]You get this from the board in Novigrad as well. Go talk to the guard and accept the contract, I messed up and didn’t barter for more pay on this one. After you talk to the guard go talk to the medic at the marker. Go to the search area and start your search there. Examine the Horse tracks and Geralt will want to follow those.

Once you get to the Brothel, head inside and talk to the owner. I was able to use Axii to get the info I needed out of her. If you can’t use Axii there is also a perfume scent behind the building you can follow. Go up the stairs and you can find the Succubus sitting there. She is weak to Hybrid Oil and Quen.

If you choose to kill her you will get your reward and her trophy, 5% bonus gold. When you start the fight draw your sword and put Quen on. She spams fire attacks and they are very hard to dodge but with Quen you won’t take damage. I cornered her and beat her down with Quen on.

If you let her live she will give you a good level 13 sword and leave the city. She will also give you a trophy so you can prove you killed her to the guards. You will most likely run into her again if you choose this option. [/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Contact: The Apiarian Phantom’]You get this from the board in Yantra, outside of Novigrad. Go to the way point and talk to the quest giver, I was able to get 275 out of him. After that follow them outside to the beehive and examine it. Follow the foot prints to the water and then search the south east bank for the second set of tracks. The tracks lead to a hole you can’t enter, head to the door and you will get a key. It turns out to be a Wild Hunt Hound that you will need to chase down and then fight.

The beast is weak to the Dimeritium Bomb, Elemnta Oil, Axii and Igni. He is very strong even for a level ten so don’t just try to straight up fight him. I would hit him with Axii and land two strong hits and roll out. It was a long fight but as long as you roll out of the way of his attacks and heal up when you need to you will win. Also don’t stay close to him or he will use and AoE ice attack. Return to the quest giver for you reward.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Contact: The Lord Of The Wood’]You get this from the board at the Cunny of the Goose, south east of Novigrad. Once you get the notice go talk to the Halfling and barter for gold, I got 285 out of it on my first try. I would not try this until at least 22 because the enemy is a pretty powerful boss. Talk to the witness in the Inn and you will learn a bit about the monster.

From there you should war as close to the next way point as you can and head there. Check the tire prints in the search area and then follow more up tracks up the road. At the end of the road check the sword in the ground and then follow the footprints on the road. This will lead to a dead dwarf you need to examine. After that head back to the wagon and go towards the blood on the rock, be sure to check the claw mark on the tree! Once you get the the dwarf check him out and head to the east most marker next.

You will be facing a Leshen which is weak to the Dimeritium Bomb, Relict Oil and Igni. I used a bomb to destroy the totem but I think a sword hit would work fine as well. To start with he can teleport. Basically if you are doing to much damage he will warp away and appear somewhere else. He can also launch a root at you to damage you, roll out of the way of it. What I did was two hits with my sword and Igni. If you can catch him on fire it does some serious damage over time. I tried to use the Dimeritium Bomb to prevent him from teleporting but it didn’t work. After I hit him I would roll behind him as well. At low hp he will summon 2 wolves as well. Take them out and then get back on him! Play it safe and be ready to move when he teleports, he can come out and attack you. If you get hit alot be sure to use Quen! Return to the Halfling for your reward.
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The Witcher 3 Guide Skellige Side Quests, Hidden Treasures

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  1. A little tip for the Apiarian Phanton. Igni is far more effective then the Axi strategy, the hound gets fire damage for like 5/6 seconds and it takes a lot of his health

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