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Saints Row IV Guide – The Saints Wing Guide

Saints Row IV Guide - The Saints Wing Guide

The second level of Saints Row IV takes place five years after the events of Zero Saints Thirty. In The Saints Wing, you will make some interesting decisions, destroy some alien baddies, and show Zinyak’s army who’s boss. Let’s get started!

Go to Press Conference

Walk down the main hallway. You will have three choices to make — none of them make a difference, but both are equally amusing:

  • Cure Cancer or Feed Hungry
  • The Low Road or The High Road
  • No Way or Totally

Make your decisions with L1 or R1 and walk toward the press conference

Go to Oval Office

After the aliens attack, mash cross to get the guard off of you and use your .45 Fletcher to dispose of the alien. Once there, swap out your .45 Fletcher with the Shokolov AK.

Go to Portico

Dispose of the two aliens, then clear the aliens in the hall. Take the stairs, and then clear the aliens on the second floor. Once you make it to the Portico, mount the railgun.

Destroy Aliens

Take down any alien ships that may come your way with rockets (L1) or your main cannon (R1). Use the red arrows above each alien ship to easily see them from a distance, and use your main cannon to take them out fast when they are close. When the battleship comes toward you, spam the main cannon to take him down.

Fight against Zinyak

In this quicktime battle against Zinyak, first hit up on the left analog stick. Get ready to mash R1, then wait to hit down on the analog stick to avoid a nasty blow. Press R1 when the time comes, then mash cross.

Congrats! You’ve finished The Saints Wing!

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