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Thor Asgard Besieged Feat And Collectibles Guide

Thor Asgard Besieged Feat And Collectibles Guide

Alright this is the last level in the Thor video game and it is called Asgard Besieged. In comparison to the last couple of levels it doesn’t have as many feats and collectibles which is nice. The feats for Asgard Besieges are as follows and stay out!, Reunited, Siege breaker, Redemption, Jade crusher, Defender, Anti-Aircraft, Rally cry, Savior, Protector, Asgard Besieged gatherer, and Asgard Besieged collector. So lets take Thor on his final stroll of the game and be done with it.You will also get the trophy/achievement Homecoming King and Prodigal Son. Quick note I am missing on collectible orb but I am looking for it. If you know where it is please let me know.

At the start of Asgard Besieged, Thor will come through the portal and land right in the middle of a fight. You will be facing the ice guys again. After beating them all you will get the feat And stay out! and have 7/12 for the feat Savior. After the cut scene you will most likely see the yellow orb. If not it is to the right of the big doors. Grab your first collectible and have 1/11 for Asgard Besieged gatherer and Asgard Besieged collector feats.

After that you will do a super jump to the next area. Once you land you hop up a ledge and will be thrown into another fight. If you look right behind where you land you will see an ice cluster. Break it and get your blue  orb collectible. This will be 2/11 for tge Asgard Besieged gatherer and Asgard Besieged collector feats. Right after beating this place by using Thor’s super move you will get the feat Reunited.

Thor will then jump to the top of the Palace and a moral meter will appear. Save at the top of the stairs because you need a high morale meter for one of the feats. While up here search each corner and you will find a red orb collectible. You will now 3/11 for the Asgard Besieged gatherer and Asgard Besieged collector feats. I say search each corner because I randomly found it after falling off a cliff. On another side of the Palace you will be shot at by one of the drones. Hammer throw it down and it will drop a yellow orb collectible. Grab it and have 4/11 for the Asgard Besieged gatherer and Asgard Besieged collector feats. Reload if you are trying to keep the morale high. Then super jump on down into the city. I landed on the ramparts first and I’m not sure if you have a choice or not. There is a couple of feats you cant do here Jade crusher and Defender. Just kill all the enemies you can and bring down the turrets. My hammer throw was maxed at this point so it was pretty simple. After beating it you should have 10/12 for the feat Savior. Before jumping back to the place though head back and to the right. You will see a yellow orb collectible. Grab it 5/11 for the Asgard Besieged gatherer and Asgard Besieged collector feats. Head up the stairs and do the mini game thing if you want if not head back to the palace.

The next part is blowing the big horn. Once you get down there it tells you to capture the runes then blow the horn. First of there is a red orb collectible but its hard only. Either way its 6/11 for the Asgard Besieged gatherer(possibly finished) and Asgard Besieged collector feats.Well I captured the runes but still couldn’t blow the horn. You have to kill all the enemies first then blow the horn. Blow the horn and you will get the feat Rally cry! Head back up to the palace.

After you return Loki will speak with you. Once that’s over you will head back down to the horn and have to defend it from turrets and ice giants. This part is a tad tricky though. They have a ton of turrets hitting it but you need to kill the ice giants and charge your super meter. I used my charged up lightning attack and it would make my super meter go up quickly. Use it every time you have it. In order to get the feat Protector you will have to do it quickly. After the battle you should see a blue orb collectible that is hard only. This will be 7/11 for the Asgard Besieged collector feat. Blow the horn then return to the palace.

Now have Thor head to the other ramparts and enjoy the scene of an ally being crushed. The only enemy here is a giant ice guy that you fought at the end of the first level. You have to break all his armor to beat him. If you did everything right so far you only have to worry about saving two of your ally soldiers which isn’t hard. Break all the armor of the boss then kill him. No problem. After that you should finish the feat Savior. After you kill him and before heading to the palace you should see a blue orb collectible. grab it and have 8/11 for the Asgard Besieged collector feat. Now head back to the palace.

There should be only one spot left to go so send Thor there. Here the object is to take down all the assault drones and get the feat Anti-aircraft. Its pretty simple click in the stick and start taking them down. Of course it won’t be that easy the game is pretty terrible so they make it go on as long as possible by making you fight a ton of fire enemies as well. Fight them and keep an eye out for the drones. It seems there is exactly 20 which is pretty stupid so don’t miss one or you won’t get the feat. Anyways after you do that and clear the enemies out you will have to clear the fleet. The rock you pick up to throw at them will have a blue orb collectible under it. This will be 9/11 for the Asgard Besieged collector feat. Head back to the palace.

Loki will speak to Thor. after telling you the situation of course you have to deal with it. Head on down to the training grounds. For this fight you do have to kill all the enemies but the bigger objective is to stop them from getting to the bomb and heating it up. I used my cyclone a ton because they have plenty of unlimited Odin power orbs. After you get through the first part you will have to destroy the bomb supports. Break the rocks around it. Then throw the bomb at the giant drone. Once it blows up it will drop a red orb collectible. Pick it up and be 10/11 for Asgard Besieged collector feat. You will also get the feat Siege breaker. Then head back up to the palace.

After you return Loki will speak with Thor. You will then face off with Mangog. The last boss in the game. He isn’t to difficult you just have to have good timing. The first time you fight Mangog you have to try and hit him in his back until he glows red. Once he glows red grapple him from behind and hit triangle/Y. Repeat as many times as needed. For Mangog’s second form he will shoot homing red things at your. Dodge the little ones and reflect the big ones back at him.  Mangog will eventually jump back at you and you need to grapple him from the from this time. Hit triangle or y again to start up the 3rd and last part of the fight. During this Mangog
will do a combination of the last two tings fighting you head on as well as launching red things at you. I didn’t ever reflect the red blasts back I just charged up my super meter by doing melee on him or a lightning strike. Once I did that I used my ultimate on Mangog. Loki will make an illusion that Mangog will attack. During this you must grapple him from the back and yet again hit triangle or y to do some serious damage. I did have a button sequence once though so watch out for that. After doing that enough times Mangog will be defeated and you will get the feat Redemption as well as beat the game Thor.

So there you have it all the feats in the level Asgard Besieged for the game Thor. You will also get the trophy/achievement Homecoming king and Prodigal son. Congratulations on beating Thor!

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