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Thor Asgard Feats And Collectibles

Thor Asgard Feats And Collectibles

During the game Thor you will have the option to do feats. These are divided into three categories, General feats, Combat feats, and Level feats.(doing Asgard right now the first level.) The feats are not mandatory but if you want the trophy/achievement Favored Prince and 100% the game you will do them as you go. Games not really difficult or anything so it should be a breeze. Lets get started. Also quick note I did this on ps3 while I assume it will be the same on 360 I’m not sure about the Wii.

Asgard feats are as follows. A friend in need, Commander, Guardian, Giant Breaker, Observant, Grappler(circle or B though I’m not sure if you can do it in the first part), Homeland defense, Asgard gatherer and Asgard collector.

When you start Asgard Thor will be thrown right into a fight helping you with the Homeland defense feat. After clearing that part of the level you will get the A friend in need feat. After that you can walk right next to Sif(the chick you just saved) and there will be a collectible red glowing hammer. Pick it up to start the Asgard gatherer and Asgard collector feat.Leap to the next part of Asgard

Once Thor lands in the next part of Asgard turn around to see a collectible blue orb. Pick it up and have 2/8 for the Asgard gatherer and Asgard collector feats. You will come to bridge that breaks and you have to jump it. Be careful the jump in this game is a bit weird sometimes I had to try it three times. After Thor enters the room and the guy says fear the cold you will use Wind Blast to blow the cold air. Once you get into the room where he first blew cold air at you on the right side of the room is a collectible green orb. Pick it up and have 3/8 for the Asgard gatherer and Asgard collector feats.

After leaving that area you will jump onto a platform and face off with a few more enemies. It will tell you to build up your super meter and once you do to use it. Even if you killed all the enemies you have to use it. After you do that a collectible Red orb will appear on the platform you’re on. Grab it to complete the feat Asgard gatherer and have 4/8 for the Asgard collector feat. Shortly after that you will stop enemies from freezing a building getting the guardian feat and if you do it quick enough you will also get the commander feat.Once you leave the save room look left and you will see a collectible blue orb. This is a hard only pickup but it is still 5/8 for the Asgard collector feat.

Shortly after that Thor will jump into a room and face off with the Elite ice guys. This is where they teach you how to grapple and you will likely get the grapple feat during this as well if not you will be like one or two off. After beating all the enemies go around the room and break the Crystal formations to find a collectible blue orb. Pick it up and have 6/8 for the Asgard collector feat. In the next room you will face armored opponents. Take them down with Thor’s simple simple strong attack, then go behind the giant thing in the center of the room. You will see a collectible orb. Here’s the thing about this orb you have to be on hard to pick it up. So while it is 7/8 for the Asgard Collector feat you may have to come back later to pick it up.

After Thor blows the horn and jumps to the next area you will fight some enemies. Upon beating all them a boss will appear called the Frost Goliath. This boss is not very difficult you have to stun him then take out his shoulders then take out his head. Thor makes this guy seem like a push over and after you beat him you will get the feat Giant breaker and move on to chapter 2(which is still Asgard and has the same feats).

Upon entering the Observatory you will talk to the guy who go frozen for the entire battle. Once he leaves look to the left and grab the collectible green orb. You will now have 8/8 for the Asgard collector feat. After that you will also get the feat Observant.

So there you go the first level of Thor called Asgard. Doing everything here will net you the trophy/achievement Favored Prince as well. Check back soon for level 2 and all its feats completed as well!

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