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Thor Niflheim Collectibles List

Thor Niflheim Collectibles List

Alright so after clearing the first level of Thor: God of Thunder we move on to Niflheim. Unfortunately I ran out of time and will not be able to do the feats for this level. I took the game back already so from here on out it will only be the Thor collectibles. These are the real hard part anyways most of feats you should be able to handle on your own. Lets get started finding them collectibles.

Alright in the Thor level Niflheim there are 15 collectibles through out the level. I will list them below.

Thor Collectibles 1 – This one is really early in Niflheim once you get to the ledge Thor will say Jotun. Instead of doing a super jump though head to the left and you should see some ledges you can jump to. Jump and eep going. After the second one you use a ledge to go up to some more ledges. At the end you get your collectible. You have to go fast though if you don’t make it and they disappear you have to restart the level.

Thor Collectibles 2 – By now you’ve jumped down and beat all the enemies down below. Before going into the cave look up and to the right a bit from the entrance of the cave. you should see breakable crystal formations. Break them with your hammer and jump up get the collectible.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 3 – Once in the cave a little ways in you should see a collectible on the roof. Toss your hammer up there and it will fall down.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 4 – While still in the cave Ymir will blow some intense wind at you. At the end turn around and you should see a pillar with a collectible near it. For me the pillar fell on its own but if it doesn’t knock it down and climb up it.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 5 – You will make it to a river where Ymir will freeze everything. Break through the waterfall and get your collectible.Also get the first part of the feat done.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 6 – There will be a part where you have to charge your super meter and use it to destroy the Ymir face. Once you do this hop up the ledge and turn around and go down the other side to get your collectible.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 7 – Once you get to another river you should see a ledge to climb with some crystals to break. Climb it and break them to get your collectible.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 8 – This one is a tad tricky. After you break the Jade turrets and get through the ice spikes you have to jump back down into the river part. Break the spikes in your way. You will see the collectible going down the river. Dash at it to catch up. If it falls over restart the checkpoint.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 9 – After bringing down the Ice boss and the turrets near him you should see some ledges to either side of the turrets. Use one to climb up and get your collectible.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 10 – In the hall where it is pretty much endless ice spikes coming at you make it all the way to the end to stop the ice spikes. Once you do that go back to the start of the hallway and you should see a ledge. Take the ledge and get your collectible.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 11 – As you go up the spire you will run into an air vent thing that will push you up. Once at it you should see some platforms to the right. Use them to get to the ledge and use the ledge to get your collectible.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 12 – On top of the spire you have to fight some enemies and break some Jade Columns. In on of them will be a collectible. Grab it after you break the column.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 13 – After you stop the spire and go back to the bridge and destroy the Ymir face again turn around and go to the start of the bridge. Go to the save point and turn around then drop off the cliff. You should land on a ledge and get a collectible as well.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 14 – This one could of been done earlier but its way easier to do without the Ymir wind. Alright back at the save at the start of the bridge you can do a super jump up the cliff to were Loki spoke to you. Jump up and look to the right and you should see some ledges with crystals on it. Break the crystals and take the path. At the end you will get your collectible.

Thor Niflheim Collectibles 15 – Last one yehaw! This is in chapter 5. Once inside the Cave of Ages look for a ledge to grab on the left. Once you use it you will get your last collectible for Niflheim.

So there you have it all the collectibles in Niflheim in the Thor video game. Hope you were able to get all the feats done as well since this level was a bit annoying. Look for more coming soon!


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