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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Alaska Studies Guide

How To Complete All Of Alaska's Studies

Alaska is the next area with a bunch of Study Objectives. This Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Alaska Studies Guide lists all of the Study objectives in Alaska and offers tips and tricks on how to complete them quickly and efficiently so you can progress through the ranks as fast as possible.

Below is a list of all the objectives for Study missions in Alaska and how to complete them. As before, some basic tips help. Use the Ping feature to identify certain enemies so you know which type is which. Red areas on enemies signify their weak points.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction Alaska Studies Guide

Theatre Of Torment

  • Stun Still – Kill or Assist on a stunned Tormentor (May need to play on higher difficulties to find one. We were on Severe. Stun it before it teleports and melee it down)
  • Interception – Destroy Tormentor projectiles with firearms (Very hard. You need to wait until a Tormenter shoots a single, large projectile at you that moves slow. Video guide.)

  • Explosive Reaction – Damage Tormenters with explosives (Grenades, claymores, any work)

Eye In The Skye

  • Specialised Scanner – Scan enemies (Scan Grenades, Recon Drone etc)
  • Piercing Eye – Kill enemies through destructible surfaces. High caliber weapons work better. Spores & nests work quickest.
  • Scout Ahead – Ping Lurkers, Rooters or Smashers using up on the D-Pad.

Silent Killer

  • Silent Streak – Get several stealth kills in a row. Doesn’t have to be takedowns
  • Dormant Destruction – Kill Dormant Nests before they are alerted
  • Adept – Perform 3 stealth kills on 3 different Archaens in a single mission

Lurker Busting

  • Lurker Vulnerability – Kill Lurker with a head shot when its head is revealed
  • Specialized Reveal – Unlock a Lurker with a React Tech or Operator Abilities. Lurkers spawn on any difficult but on lower difficulties are more common in sub-zone three. If they detect you, cloaking as Vigil sometimes forces them to cloak. Shooting them to make them retreat can also sometimes trigger cloak. You want to use a Frag Grenade to remove the cloak.
  • Grand Reveal – Uncloak non-Lurker enemies that have been cloaked by the Lurker. Just shoot them or deal damage to remove the cloak


  • Trait Adjustment – Complete an objective with Parasite Mutations active. Minimum Cautious difficulty which has a 50% chance of a mutation. A mutation must be in effect for this to count.
  • Health Maintenance – Complete three objectives without being knocked down. These do not have to be done in a row.
  • Intel Target 4 – Earn 45,000 XP


  • Deadly Accuracy – Score 5 Weak Points in a row with a firearm
  • General Stunner – Kill or assist stunned Archaens. Use stun grenades, easy
  • Achilles Exploit – Get 10 kills with weak points

Silent And Deadly

  • Always Ready – Equip a suppressor and kill enemies via weak point hits
  • No Howls 2 – Complete an objective without any enemies howling and alerting nests
  • Shush – Take down 10 enemies. Stun grenades work for this, stun them and get within melee range to take down. You can also just take down nests.


  • Rooter Vulnerability – Kill a Rooter with a weak point hit. The weak point is on the back so you will need to attack from the rear. Stun grenades can help you get round for the shot
  • No Touchy – Kill or assist on Rooters before they root anyone
  • Pause – Stun rooters. You can stun the same one multiple times but you must let it full recover for the second or third stun to count

Performance Check-In

  • Spotless – Complete two objectives and extract with at least 80% total health – temporary health doesn’t count
  • Intel Target 5 – Earn 55,000 experience points. You get more experience points doing two objectives on the next difficulty up than three on the one down
  • Self Sufficient – Reach the third Sub-Zone without collecting any ammo

Nature Of The Chimera

  • Science Behind The Phenomena? – Automatically completes

That’s a complete list of all the Alaska Studies in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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