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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction New York Studies Objectives Guides

All New York Study Objectives & How To Complete Them

Studies Objectives let you increase your Development Milestones experience points. This Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction New York Studies Objectives Guide will tell you how to complete all of the Studies Objectives related to the New York Hot-Spots so you can earn as much experience points as fast as possible.

Your Operators overall experience points and the Studies objectives combine together to make your Development Milestones level. As such, you’ll will want to complete as many of these studies as possible. Below is a list of all the Studies in New York and how to complete them.

New York Studies Objectives Guide

Intro To Nests

  • Look Up – Ping Nests on walls or ceiling
  • Nest Popper – Kill Nests
  • Nest Removal – Kill Dormant Nests

Scouting Ahead

  • Resource Tagging – Ping Different Supply Chests. Any supply chests work. There are usually at least two Supply Chests in the area between levels, so you can just scan those as you swap areas.
  • Plan Ahead – Use Any Command From The Chat Wheel.
  • Let It Glow – Make An Enemy Bioluminescent Through A Wall

Killing Basics

  • Primary Practice – Kill enemies with Primary Weapon
  • Secondary Practice – Kill enemies with Secondary Weapon
  • Warm Up – Get 15 Kills or Assists in a single mission

Grunt Management

  • Grunt Tagging – Ping an unalerted grunt (Press Up on D-Pad)
  • Aim For The Head – Kill Grunts with Weak Points
  • Base Samples – Kill or Assist against Grunts

Core Performance

  • Checklist – Complete 3 Objectives. Can be done across multiple levels
  • Intel Target 1 – Earn 11,000 XP. Doesn’t need to all be at once
  • Exploration – Safely Extract from second Sub-Zone or later. Don’t leave until at least the 2nd part of the mission.

Getting Sneaky

  • Deploy Cover – Any Operator can Deploy Cover on most doors and windows. Approach and look for the prompt
  • Hush – Approach enemies from behind and kill enemies without being detected. It works on Nests
  • Well Prepared – Kill enemies using a silenced weapon. Check Operator Loadouts to see which weapons are silenced

Spiker Studies

  • Smoke ‘Em – Throw a smoke grenade on a Spiker
  • Gunned Down – Kill Spikers before they fire at you
  • Exposed – Kill Spikers with weak point kills, headshots

Killing Basics 2

  • Stay Low – Get kills with a firearm while prone. Hold crouch to prone
  • Customized – Customize a firearm to have a Muzzle Brake and get kills with it
  • High Precision – Get kills through walls and destructible surfaces. The UV light can help. You can setup your own barricade on a window near a static nest and shoot that.

Performance Check-In

  • Safety First – Complete an objective without being knocked down
  • All Together – Complete three objectives and extract with a full squad. A full squad does not need to be three. You just need to finish with everyone that started
  • Health Conscious – Extract with 50% health and 1 objective complete

The Chimera’s Intelligence

  • Signs Of Intelligence? – This is the final report that completes automatically

That’s all of the Study Objectives in New York. Be sure to check out our guide for Rainbow Six Extraction San Francisco Studies.

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