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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction San Francisco Studies Guide

San Francisco brings with it new Study challenges to complete. This Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction San Francisco Studies Guide lists all of the different Study objectives in the San Francisco Hot-Zone as well as some tips and tricks on how to complete them quickly and efficiently.

Studies are a vital part of the game, they are on every map, including New York Study Objectives. The Development Milestone level of your account is how you unlock new Operators and unlock new maps to explore. Both your Operator level and your studies progression count towards your Development Milestone level, so it’s best to complete them as you unlock them.

Rainbow Six Extraction San Francisco Studies Guide

Studies In Defusal

  • Defused – Take down Breachers or Bloaters. You have to use your melee attack either from stealth or smoke grenade
  • Lookout – Ping an unalerted Breacher or Bloater with Up on the D-Pad
  • Stop Hitting Yourself – Kill enemies with Breacher explosions

Target Practice

  • Boom Specialist – Kill enemies with explosives. Unlock Claymores or similar tech and kill enemies with it. If you have unlocked Fuse, he is a good choice
  • Holo It’s Me – Customize a weapon and add a Holographic Sight then use it to kill enemies
  • Lethal Challenge 1 – Get 20 kills or assists in a single mission

Mid Performance

  • Stay Healthy – Complete an objective with at least 60% health
  • Unknockable – Extract in the third area of a mission without being knocked down
  • Intel Target 2 – Earn 25,000 XP. Playing on the next difficulty up and doing two objectives is usually quicker for similar XP

Caustic Buddies

  • Keep It Clean – Kill a Sludge (Small puddles of slime sometimes on the ceiling) before it multiplies. Use shotgun or explosives
  • Watch Your Step – Kill or assist on a Sludge without being hit
  • In The Walls – Shoot or Ping a Sludge on the ceiling


  • Lethal Scanner – Scan an enemy before killing or assisting. Use Scan Grenades or Recon Drones
  • Dedicated Scanner – Scan 10 enemies in a single mission. Use Scan Grenades, nests and spores count
  • Spore Spotter – Destroy Blinding Spores before they attach (Yellow buds that are often on walls & ceilings)

Shooting Drills

  • Calculated Kill – Score 4 kills in 2 seconds. Spores count, so just shoot a set of those
  • Opportunist – Kill or assist on Stunned targets (use stun grenades)
  • Lethal Challenge 2 – Get 20 kills or assists in a single mission

Stealth Variety

  • Get Around – Get a stealth kill in all three sections of a mission. Gun kills work fine
  • No Howls – Complete an objective without triggering a howl from an enemy
  • Muscle Memory – Take down enemies with melee stealth kills. Nests count

Sower Mitigation

  • Sower Vulnerability – Kill or assist a Sower with a Weak Point shot
  • Fancy Footing – Kill or Assist on a Sower before setting off any mines
  • Minesweeper – Destroy Sower mines without setting them off. Small red items on the floor, shoot to disable

Performance Check-In

  • Full Sweep – Complete 3 objectives and extract with a full squad (Doesn’t need to be three, just the same amount that started the mission)
  • Health Maintenance – Extract with at least 60% health after completing three objectives
  • Intel Target 3 – Earn 35,000 XP

The Chimera’s Motive

  • Why Does It Attack? (Automatically completes)

That’s all of the study objectives for San Francisco. Be sure to check out the next area with our Alaska Studies Guide.

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