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Tom Clancy’s The Division Crafting Blueprints Location Guide – All Stats & Requirements

Tom Clancy's The Division Blueprints Location Guide
The crafting system in Tom Clancy’s The Division is filled with unique weapons and equipment that you can find and create. This Tom Clancy’s The Division Blueprints Location Guide lists all of the Blueprints we’ve discovered so far, where to find them and what’s required to make them.

Before you’re able to complete some of the missions to unlock specific Blueprints you’ll need to have the mission available. Whenever you reach a new area you’ll want to go to the Safezone, get the situational report and interact with the mission board. This should unlock all the side missions for you in a specific area. There are also a lot of Blueprints that unlock automatically as you level up and progress through the game. The vast majority of these are simply higher level versions of the basic Blueprints you get at the start so we didn’t list most of them, unless they were really worth getting.

Below we’ve listed all of the Blueprints that we’ve discovered in The Division along with a screenshot showing the stats associated with each weapon alongside requirements such as level or skill.

Tom Clancy’s The Division Weapon Blueprints

Military P416 Blueprint
Black Market T821 Blueprint
Military M9 Blueprint
Px4 Storm Type F Blueprint
Blue Military SCAR-H Blueprint
Blue Classic RPK-74 Blueprint
Burst First MP-5 A4 Blueprint
Military M60 E4 Blueprint
Double Barrel Shotgun Blueprint
Police M4 Blueprint
Covert SRS Blueprint
586 Magnum Blueprint
M249 B Blueprint
M45A1 Blueprint
Tactical Vector 45 ACP Blueprint
SASG-12 Blueprint
Enhanced AUG A3P Blueprint
Hunting M44 Blueprint
Classic M60 Blueprint
First Wave PF45 Blueprint
Tactical SASG-12 K Blueprint
SCAR-L Blueprint
MP7 Blueprint
Classic FAL Blueprint
Military M870 Blueprint
SOCOM M1A Blueprint
LVOA-C Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Gold (High-End) Weapon Blueprints

Damascus Blueprint
Liberator Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Mask Blueprints

Blue Mask Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Body Armor Blueprints

Vest Blueprint
Blue Vest Blueprint
Purple Vest Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Backpacks Blueprints

Backpack Blueprint
Blue Backpack Blueprint
Purple Backpack Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Gloves Blueprints

Green Gloves Blueprint
Blue Gloves Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Holsters Blueprints

Holster Blueprint
Blue Holster Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Knee Pads Blueprints

Knee Pads Blueprint
Blue Knee Pads Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Weapon Mods Blueprints

T2 Micro Red Dot Sight Blueprint
Heavy Magazine Spring Blueprint
Ti-RANT Suppressor Blueprint
Vertical Grip Blueprint
552 Holo Sight Blueprint
Heavy Firing Spring Blueprint
Extended Magazine Blueprint
Omega Rifle Suppressor Blueprint
PEQ-15 Laser Blueprint
Acog Scope - Bronze Bluerpint
Loud Vent Break Blueprint
Flash Hider Blueprint
High Velocity Magazine Blueprint
Compensator Blueprint
Osprey 45 Suppressor Blueprint
Angled Grip - Red Blueprint

Tom Clancy’s The Division Gear Mods Blueprints

Performance Gear Mod Blueprint
Gear Mod Blueprint
Gear Mod Blueprint Level 14
Performance Gear Mod Blueprint Level 29

The Division Dark Zone Gold/High-End Blueprints

Each of the zones within the Dark Zone have a single safe house. Inside each of the safe house areas is an NPC that sells items specific to that zone. These NPC’s sell lots of Blueprints of the gold/high-end level. Below is a list of Gear and Weapons that you can find in the safe zone vendors in the Dark Zone. Although be aware, these change every few days.

Dark Zone Gold/High-End Gear
Dark Zone Gold/High-End Weapons
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