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Tomb Raider Guide: Quick EXP and Salvage Guide

Tomb Raider guide
In Tomb Raider you will need to use exp to upgrade Lara, and salvage to upgrade your weapons. There are tons of ways to get both throughout the game letting you upgrade quickly and often. This guide will help you find the best methods for quick and easy exp and salvage. Let’s get started.

Quick Exp and Salvage Guide

Pirates yarg!

If you have something to add to the Tomb Raider Quick Exp and Salvage Guide, leave a comment and we will add it!

Head shots and executions:
Throughout the game you will have to fight a ton of enemies so why not get the bonus exp off of them? A good portion of the fights will start with you not being seen so you can do a few sneak executions for bonus exp. For any fight you can zoom in with whatever weapon you are using and take a head shot, which is a one hit kill and nets bonus exp. Later in the game you can unlock specialized weapon executions, which requires the execute prompt and a certain weapon equipped.

Loot every dead body:
Since you will be doing a lot of killing you might as well loot every body for the extra salvage, it isn’t much but it will add up quick. You can get a perk that increases the amount of salvage you get from each body, which I invested in early and it helped.

Hunting Deer

Hunt animals:
Not just deer but seagulls and rats as well. With the perk that gives you salvage from animals this is an easy way to get some extra exp and salvage. These do not give near as much as the pirates give, they just don’t fight back and die easier.

Raid Tombs: Here is our Tomb Guide
These are all optional but give you huge chunks of both exp and salvage. Each one is a single room puzzle that requires you to use the environment to get the chest at the top of the tomb. They also require the different tools get throughout the game, so some of them you might not be able to beat yet.


Find the collectibles: Here is our Treasure Map Guide
Individually most of these collectibles won’t net you any exp, outside of the bonus exp you get from searching relics, but will add up since there is so much to find. As a bonus if you find a full set of any of the collectibles you get a big bonus to exp, so try to finish areas and sets any time you can. Some of the collectibles you can’t access without all the story equipment so you may have to back track a bit.

Break all the crates:
These are scattered all over the island and towards the end of the game have over 50 salvage in them. You can see them with your instincts making them easy to find, so there is no sense in skipping over them. From time to time you will find them hanging from something, use a fire arrow or a torch to knock them down so you can loot them.

That will end the Tomb Raider Quick Exp and Salvage Guide, if you have a quick way leave us a comment and we will add it and give you credit!

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