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Tomb Raider Guide – Secret Tombs Guide

Tomb Raider Guide
The Secret Tombs in Tomb Raider are special little areas that you have to find along the campaign trail. These areas are confined puzzles that lead to amazing treasure. Maybe more important, you also receive massive increases in XP which you can use to unlock awesome moves in the skill tree. Hopefully this guide helps you get the exact move or counter you are looking for! Let’s Get Started.

Mountain Village Tombs

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Some of the tombs will require tools you might not have yet, progress a bit in the story and come back.

Tomb of the Unworthy

thumbs_mountain-village-tomb-1 thumbs_mountain-village-tomb-entrance-1
Once you reach the wolf den turn around and cross over the bridge. Go down into the water and take the cave to the right, inside you will find the path to the tomb.

Inside the tomb you will see a lift with body bags hanging from it, and on the other side of that you can see a torch. You will need to jump onto the lift, then jump across to the fire before the lift gets to low. Once you have the fire jump back onto the lift and burn all the body bags, so the lift isn’t weighted down as much. After you do that jump back across and push the cage over the side to raise the lift as far as it can go. Jump up and use the climbing tool to scale the wall up to the top, where you can get the treasure map and some salvage.

Hall of Ascension

thumbs_mountain-village-tomb-2 thumbs_mountain-village-tomb-entrance-2


On the path to finding the co pilot of the crashed plane you will come across a split route, one is a cave and the other is making a rope bridge across a gap. Make the rope bridge across the gap and follow it up to the tomb entrance.

After you activate the fire, cross the bridge and enter the second tomb of the area. Inside you will see a lift and a window letting in a ton of wind, close the window and go to the lift activate point. Once the bottom part of the window busts open letting in more wind bring the lift up and jump on top of it, once the window fully opens you will be pushed up to a part of the wall you can jump on. Climb around the wall and drop down to complete to tomb.

Shantytown Tombs

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Well of Tears


thumbs_shantytown-tomb-1 thumbs_shantytown-tomb-entrance-1

Head to the spot on the map and proceed to pull out the floor board with your bow. Go down the hole and follow that to the Well of Tears.

This tomb is actually pretty simple. You need to take the gas cans and toss them onto the elevator so it drops to the lower floor, so you are able to get on. Once it is at the bottom get on and toss all the gas cans off so it can start to lift up again after you get off. Run up the hill and head towards the now rising elevator and jump on, climb up, and jump across the gap on the left. keep going until you get to the chest, as a bonus you get the treasure map for the area as well.

Chamber of Judgement

thumbs_mountain-village-tomb-entrance-2 thumbs_shantytown-tomb-2
Head to the camp shown on in the picture and enter the cave near there, follow it to the tomb.

Inside you have a teeter totter ramp, you can make different sides go up by adding weight. just like the last tomb there are gas cans scattered around. You need to take those cans and throw them onto the wooden shelves coming out of the wall, this will drop more gas cans so you can make the ramp the way you need to. Once you have four cans drop them on the ramp so it is pointing towards the climbable wall, once it is up run and jump off and attach to the wall. Climb around and jump up to get the treasure and a hand gun part.

Summit Forest Tombs

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Stormguard Sanctum

Go to the location on the map and follow the path to the tomb.

Once you get to the fire near the tomb, look up towards the ceiling to see torches you can light with fire arrows. You will want to light as many as you can see, then look towards the gas in the room and shoot a flaming arrow into it. Jump up the wall and take a left to jump another wall. At the top of that look across the gap with you instincts on so see some debris you need to burn, also behind that is another torch that you should light. Jump the gap and climb the wall and follow the path to the treasure.

Shipwreck Beach Tombs

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Temple of the Handmaidens
thumbs_shipwreck-beach-tomb-1 thumbs_shipwreck-beach-tomb-2 thumbs_shipwreck-beach-tomb-entrance-1 thumbs_shipwreck-beach-tomb-entrance-2


Head to the point on the map and use the bow to break open the entrance, follow the path to the tomb.

Alright this one can get a bit tricky if you are not quick. First you need to raise the gate so the buoy can come through and move the pieces of wood sticking out of the water. Once you open the gate, jump up to the left and get ready for the buoy to move first sail over so you can jump the gap. After that head to the end of the platform and shoot the next sail with a rope arrow so you can pull it towards you can the buoy can move it even further, letting you jump the gap to the climbable wall. Climb the wall and head to the end of the path for the treasure and a handgun part.

The Flooded Vault
Head to the tomb point on the map and follow the path to the tomb entrance.

Once you get to the start head up the stairs and hit the power switch, then come back down the stairs and open the gate. Now you need to go free the raft by burning the rope that is tied to it. From there go to the room with the generator and shoot the wall out, proceed to rope arrow the raft towards you until you can jump on it and go onto the next platform. Now shoot the rope point in the ceiling to pull out the thing making the water deadly and cross the water to the next platform. Now you need to use the rope point on the ceiling one more time but before the electric trap falls pull the raft under it so it avoids the water, leaving it safe for you to cross. Go behind the building marked 2 and head up the stairs to get the treasure.

That will end all the extra tombs, check out our other guides on the site!

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